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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Indeed. The externalization of inner strength really creates the genuine human emotion.
Millar really is a master of it in many of his series.


Wonder what @davidm will think of this:


That would be aw–

Doh :angry:


I don’t think I’ve ever watched a DC animated movie. I probably won’t see this either, but I’m sure it will be better than Man of Steel :wink:


Most of them are pretty good.


We wanted to know a couple of things, like how this year’s Hall H line compared to previous years where Marvel Studios was in attendance and, of course, what their thoughts were on the Snyder cut.

“I thought it was a reference to people cutting into the Hall H line,” one DC fan, Alyssa Rockey, told Polygon, admitting she never heard of the cut. “That’s what happened to us last night.”

Rockey’s friend, Candace Dandies, told Polygon although she heard rumors about something related to Zack Snyder, she still didn’t quite understand the conversation.

“I heard another conspiracy about them [Warner Bros.] trying to sneak something in today, maybe,” Dandies said. “But when you said the ‘Snyder cut,’ I thought you were referring to something with Rob Schneider.”

Rockey and Dandies aren’t the only fans who confessed they weren’t aware of the Snyder cut, or the ongoing campaign from Snyder diehards pressuring Warner Bros. to release a different version of the film. Gloria Thomas, a DC fan, said she’s never heard of the Snyder cut, and asked for a quick explanation regarding the entire situation.

It became increasingly clear that the Snyder Stans who “have organized campaigns on social media, produced online videos and bombarded Warner Bros. executives with emails asking the studio to complete and distribute on Blu-ray a version of Justice League that matches Mr. Snyder’s vision, before Mr. Whedon got involved,” as the Wall Street Journal put it, are in fact just a vocal minority.



At this point, anyone but Luthor and/or Doomsday and I’m down. Brainiac, Metallo, Bizarro, freaking Terra-Man. I’d even be fine with a re-imagined Nuclear Man.


Another study shows water is wet.



Wow, I’m usually with you on box office predictions but that is completely off of my take. I think this might bomb.


I think it’s 50/50 odds.
Aquaman will definitely bomb, though.


I think both will do OK. Aquaman maybe 800 million or thereabout, Shazam at least 600 million.


That would really be more than okay. That would be Aquaman will doing Wonder Woman numbers (and a solid $150-200 million more than Justice League). WB would probably be ecstatic to get that kind of box office. And, honestly, if Shazam could basically do what Justice League and MoS did then they’d probably be pretty damn happy with that as well.

I’m not yet sure how either with do. I thought Aquaman would be the coolest thing in JL, but he was completely forgettable which could really hurt the movie. But I do like the imagery I’ve seen from the movie so far. I haven’t watched the Shazam trailer yet because I’m just not that interested, so I have no idea. I’m just kind of surprised they didn’t for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam into the movie. The Rock might move the needle for a number of people.

I don’t know, admittedly I’m not too high on either movie. I hope they’re good, though, because I like the people involved.


I put it at good money he might be in the stinger.
The Rock was the only one pushing for this movie for over a decade. It’s crazy that he ain’t in it, but a Black Adam post credits scene might do it.


Thinking about it I take it back. I don’t think it’ll play as well internationally as the action feels quite small. It feels like half the box office will come from the US.

Aquaman feels like it’ll do much better internationally. China should love the movie.


I’m not really a Snyder fan as such, but I would very much like to see his version of Justice League since the theatrical cut was obviously a compromised work.


I’d like at least a workprint.
Same for Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Because - wow - taking full scenes and then chopping them up into a montage was bold, I say, bold.



It adds some perspective when we have conversations on the influence of directors, it’s not just the general public that are mostly unaware but even those paying to go to a DC panel at Comic-con.