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Superior was always based on Superman, telling the story of Big with Superman. Clark is a normal kid and then overnight he becomes Superman, rather than growing into his powers. That was the foundation of the story.

The comparisons to Captain Marvel came with the acting like a kid part (like DC did in the comics) and I think the costume played a large role.

I think it likely that Warner’s did read Superior given it was in development at the time they approved Captain Marvel. This movie is essentially Big with Superman too. It looks like they pulled it off.

Mark sees bits of his work scattered all over different movies. I know he doesn’t mind - it’s all good for him.


And the lightning-bolt-visual-juxtaposition transformation in the finale.
It was definitely in the melange, alongside being “chosen”.


Hard to say if they will really connect with an audience. Both movies look like mid-level Marvel films. Honestly, both trailers remind me of Green Lantern. They present heroes who get a pass because they are played by actors with charisma, but otherwise they aren’t actually very heroic or even seem like good people.

Aquaman is a little weird because of his super-strength. I don’t think general audiences really are aware that he has super-strength in the comics, but he’s exceedingly strong even on land in the trailer. He even seems stronger than Wonder Woman was. And I doubt they can rely on Justice League for a good introduction to the character.

Shazam, on the other hand, doesn’t seem as strong as he is in the comics. He’s kinda at Luke Cage level in the trailer so maybe it depends on him believing in himself or something. It is a bit of BIG meets GREATEST AMERICAN HERO.

I think the fact that Simon has such a debilitating disease AND also reacts with believable negativity to that fact sets him apart from Superman and Shazam. You could compare him to Captain Marvel Jr. for that. Naturally, what makes Superior different from both is that the powers are absolutely not part of any heroic plan or purpose. They turn out to be quite the opposite, and overcoming that - finally giving up the desire for those powers - is the solution to the story’s conflicts.


I’d be stunned if Mark had ever read a Shazam comic in his life.


While I’m at it Huck isn’t a Superman story. It’s a Captain America story.


Yeah and of course a lot will depends on their expectation (and that directly advises the budget they use).

None of the recent DC films have actually flopped in the sense they were completely ignored by audiences, the grosses are okay, but they clearly thought Justice League would deliver Avengers numbers and splashed out a fortune on it when it ended up being Doctor Strange box office.


Finally someone says it!
This I agree with.

But yah, nah, Superior is CM.


I bet he read Marvelman, though, which was the same thing. With the dark reveal in the middle of the story, SUPERIOR is more BIG meets MARVELMAN (or MIRACLEMAN over here in the US until Marvel bought it).


None of these things can ever be hugely original, Captain Marvel was taken off the shelves as too derivative of Superman until DC eventually acquired it. So if you take Superman as a kid, it’s a few inches away from Captain Marvel who was legally defined as a rip-off of Superman anyway.

Marvelman was Captain Marvel, when the UK reprints ran out of material from the US, they just changed the names and costumes. It does therefore continue with the original CM premise though and not the DC change, the human and superhero versions are independent so little Johnny Bates is a very troubled child while Young Marvelman is a psycho adult.


I’m repeating what Mark has said about these books. Superior is more like Kick Ass, kind of an autobiographical work from when Mark was a kid and dreamed of waking up as Superman.


Captain Marvel was understandably more popular than Superman when it first appeared. Superman is from Krypton and he’s an adult. Captain Marvel is just a kid - like any of those reading the books - who can turn into a superman.

In the trailer, it seems pretty clear that the Wisdom of Solomon is not part of this Shazam’s power set. Also, he seems trapped in the Captain’s body. Did he forget the wizard’s name or is that part of the story? He can’t change back?

In the end, I think Shazam will be more successful than Aquaman because, again, the character is much more relatable and limited in scope and setting. Aquaman just looks like a predictable bunch of spectacle and one liners that aren’t really that funny.

Redheads? Did anyone laugh at that?


Having rewatched both trailers again this morning, they both feature bullies that don’t remotely act the way bullies do in real life.

Yeah, I have seen the “CGI fest” complaint around, and I don’t know what to make of it. It’s a movie about underwater kingdoms fighting each other, what do you want, a bunch of guys in rubber suits and puppets for seahorses, shot in a tank on a studio lot?

EDIT: Dave Meadows, don’t answer that.


I saw the similar ridiculous complaints about the poster photoshopping images of sharks onto it.
Like…yeah? Did you think they got trained sea life to make a creatively genuine shot?


Absolutely. I’ve said for years Shazam could be the biggest Warner’s franchise - outside of Batman. Looks like they got the time right too, and the character is just the right balance of silly slapstick and relatable.


Oh and one thing to ponder. Vice Versa starring Judge Reinhold in a body swap story between kid and adult came out 3 months before Big in 1988.

Nobody has mentioned it in this thread and referenced Big because it’s mostly forgotten as it isn’t anywhere near as good. Googling the image came up with the snippet that it’s the 4th screen adaptation of a novel written in 1882. :smile:


And ‘Freaky Friday’ was 1976;

It’s a great premise.


To be honest I thought the comments about the Captain Marvel movie being a ripoff of Superior were a bit overblown and misplaced, and maybe missed the idea that Superior already emulates Captain Marvel in many ways.

That is, until I watched the trailer and saw that ‘learning his powers’ scene which looks like it’s lifted straight from the pages of Superior.

That, combined with the tone, the look of it and the relationship between the kids makes me think there’s more than a hint of ‘influence’ here.


Completely. I don’t think it can be disputed.

It says a lot about Marks instincts that he knew this kind of powers training, or the kid telling his friend were the things audiences would respond to. This is very a character focused production, we’ll spend slot of time just watching Billy goof around. It’s great structure, to give you time to get to like him. Much like the prison sequence in Guardians.

I’ll be surprised if this isn’t the highest grossing DC movie.


Shazam looks very close to the Johns/Frank story, just without Black Adam.
Although it looks a lot worse than it did when Gary Frank drew it. I’m really not interested in this one.
Aquaman however, looked really good. That trailer already has plenty of striking shots, and any hokey dialogue can be overridden in my eyes by outstanding production design and great cinematography. In the end, we’ll see how it does. I’m excited for it though.


This is what hangs over the stairs that lead to our bedroom. :wink:

One of the strengths of the Superior version is how it juxtaposed Simon’s illness with the powers. Mark was brilliant in that.