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Papa Midnite got that promotion he was gunning for. :slight_smile:


I don’t feel the need for another Joker story right now, but I think this sort of thing is better for most studios (like Warners) rather than trying to copy the Marvel shared universe model.

Continuity, even loose continuity, requires a level of coordination that most studios aren’t built to deliver.

Better to make standalone versions of things most of the time, with occasional sequels.


Sounds to me like they’re playing on the “three Jokers” theme.



Straight out of Curse of Shazam, this could be fun.


The outfit still looks like a bad rental costume.


The fake muscle suit they have him in underneath it isn’t helping either. His shoulder just looks misshapen.


I hate those shoes. I like everything else, but I hate those shoes.


It reminds me of Conan’s superhero costume.

I really don’t like that netting effect, it looks too “techy”, especially on a fantasy hero like Shazam.


Sadly, that looks better than the Shazam costume.


What? It looks like he did a lot of delt work.


It looks like a SNL sketch. I have no idea what Warners are aiming at for this movie. Maybe it’ll work out, but I think if you’re a movie executive and you see that image you’ve got to wonder if you’re about to lose a bunch of money.


He does look a bit like a muscled up Jimmy Fallon as Shazam. :wink:


looks fine to me… I like the boot/sandals design too… goes well with the whole greek motif although they’re a bit too red as a result.


I’m really looking forward to ‘Shazam’. I still think it’s a tough sell, it’s not what people are used to right now, but I’m ready for a really positive superhero film from Warners.



meh… btw, am I the only one like… completely uninterested in a Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie? =/


You are not alone.

What’s sad is that DC will probably feel obligated to a Joker origin comic series.


Nah, I enjoy Joaquin Phoenix as an actor and generally like The Joker, but I have zero interest in this (or any) Joker movie. WB is grasping at straws here. But hey maybe it works out for them.