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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


That’s a Joker movie I’d watch.





From this:


“Wonder Woman 1984” is the eighth installment in the DC Universe franchise

Really? :confused:


That’s correct I think, We have five released (MoS, BvS, SS, WW and JL) and WW 1984 will be released after Aquaman and Shazam, and those are both part of the DCEU.


Ah, ok. I wasn’t counting Aquaman and Shazam, and wondering if they were including Nolan’s Batman (and still couldn’t make the numbers work).


My diagnosis? Monday.


I finally watched JUSTICE LEAGUE for the first time on Saturday via HBO. Kept waiting for that one key moment that would change my generally-negative opinion about the DC franchise, but it never really came.

Oh, I really enjoyed the scene where Aquaman sat on the lasso of truth; it was a totally unexpected moment that made me laugh. So there’s that…

On Sunday evening I watched FANTASTIC BEASTS… While I’ve never sat through an entire Harry Potter movie, I did really like this one. A bit shocked to discover that Ezra Miller (Barry Allen) also had a main role in this film as Credence.


Same. I was surprised by how much I liked it.
Felt completely solid enough as just a fantastical movie.

Or, as my brother snidely put it, “It’s in New York, of course it’s the best one


Tom and Jerry (hey! That works!) are messed up in the head. The Harry Potter series is quite excellent, could never get into Fantastic Beasts although I have tried.

Justice League I had to buy. (It was $9.99, rental on sale for $1.99 if that tells you anything.) It’s like a two-hour train wreck. So much good stuff, so much that could have been - and was not. Sad. :cry:


Yeah that’s the only moment I really liked too. Honestly Justice League kind of killed my interesting in the Aquaman film. In the trailers he was this heavy metal dude with all the best lines and then you see the film and realize those are basically all his moments and there’s nothing there to him. So the lasso scene was a nice change.


When is the Aquaman trailer coming out? Or did I miss it?


I’d imagine at SDCC (July 19th - 22nd)


Aha thanks I thought the SD CC had already been.

I want this to be good.






Damn, I thought Ron Cephas Jones was a great choice.
Still, this is pretty dang good.