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He was fine in Man of Steel, but he was a mess in BvS.


What they did with Pa Kent was involve him in an active way. He fully supports his son. The only problem he foresees is the fear others will have of him. And again, agree with the movie’s conclusions or not, agree that Batman v Superman suitably continues the story, but his fears turn out to be completely justified.


I couldn’t avoid it. I don’t know about other countries except Communist and Fascist ones, but do they have the pledge of allegiance in elementary schools? The political identity of being American is stronger than any social identity and it was a big part of the creation of Superman as new Americans were integrating into it.

However, honestly, it’s hard to deny that the popularity of superhero movies today are not still a cultural reaction to the impact of 9-11, the financial crisis and the ensuing international instabilty. Power fantasies are normal when everyone feels helpless. The 80’s were filled with movies that tried to convince us we won the Vietnam War in either a real or emotional sense.




The truth about Superman…

This is a truly “American” origin.


Well, in Winter Soldier it brought him into conflict with SHIELD mainly, which is a UN institution. And in Civil War, he did stand up for traditional American values against a fictional measure of control against superheroes. None of which touches on the real-world developments that make it harder to be the kind of believer in the US that Steve Rogers was in the past. Which is probably for the best.


Superman is changing because Warner Bros need to make more money.

Never forget that.

Change is coming.


It’s really worth noting that “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” became part of the narrative thanks, I think, to the George Reeves TV show, maybe the radio dramas (where kryptonite came from). You can totally understand how a ‘50s Superman would be patriotic like that. Donner’s movie is as much about Watergate as it is Superman. There’s a certain need to anchor this stuff in the real world, and it can be a little hard to distinguish that from the essential product. Superman doesn’t have to fight for “the American way.” At heart he’s driven by core American values. That’s the point of Smallville.

What would be interesting, maybe, would be for some alternate tale to explore what would happen if the ship had landed in an urban rather than rural setting, if he’d been raised in the radical concepts of constant change rather than steady values. That’s what Americans have been struggling over since Jefferson, who could never reconcile his Southern heritage with what he hoped for the rest of the country.


I woke up this morning to see over 50 responses to the DC cinematic universe thread and thought there was some huge news that came out while I was offline.

Regardless, I am voting Ronnie in 2020.


I hope that with Supes, they don’t shake up too much. They’ve got a good actor and the origin as Man of Steel laid it down works well enough.

Whereas with Batman, I hope he really does get recast and redesigned.


If Jesus walked into a Bible-Belt church today, nobody would recognise him.

If Superman walked into their mall, they’d all be, “Hey look Superman!”


The original character design, sure. But how many people would recognise Iron Man if he walked in wearing his armour from Tales of Suspense 39?


And if Jesus walked in wearing the original Iron Man armour then I bet virtually no-one would identify him correctly.


Clearly you’ve never been to my church.




I wonder if the Kents would have voted for Trump…


Building a wall to keep out unwanted Kryptonians feels like it’d be a popular campaign promise.


Trump seems like a stupider version of Gene Hackman’s (or Spacey’s) real estate obsessed Luthor. It’s why he’s so against trying to fix climate change. He’s prepping to buy up a bunch of future beach front property.



It’s basically what’s happening in Savage Dragon at the moment.