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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Wasn’t there a flashback in BvS showing his parents being shot?


I don’t consider a flashback during the credits to be much of anything. That’s not a real origin story.


Oh definitely. especially outside of the US. I think maybe 2 % of the people in my country have the faintest idea who Wonder Woman is. Superman has much more name recognition here but maybe 5 % could tell you he’s the sole survivor of Krypton.


It really says a lot when we don’t even know if the actors they have for Superman and Batman are going to be in any more movies. Hell, I’m not even sure what the thing is called… I thought they had settled on the DC Extended Universe, but then I read that was just something a journalist came up with. The powers that be don’t even know what to call the project!

The DCEU (DCCU?) reminds me of Star Wars.

Everyone has their own ideas as to why it’s broken. They also have their own ideas on how to fix it.

The future is murky, seemingly without any firm plans beyond the next couple of films in production.

The first few movies of each were hits, but audiences quickly rejected films that, on paper, should have been hits (Solo, Justice League).

It seems like very few people are satisfied with the direction they’re going in, and a lot of people seem to know what they want to see and won’t be satisfied with anything else. It’s downright miraculous that Marvel has, so far, avoided this trap that DC and Star Wars have fallen into.


People aren’t excited for an Aquaman movie and a Wonder Woman movie set in 1984? I am.


Star Wars, of all the franchises, should have learned from its own past and from what Marvel has been doing. SW screwed up by not having a firm plan.


I’m looking forward to them. Excited may be a bit much but I always remain open minded. I’ve liked bits and pieces of DC movies so far and disliked others but that doesn’t mean the next one can’t be great.


I’m excited for WW84. Aquaman I just can’t say anything about, it could be awesome or it could suck.


I thought the first Wonder Woman film was just okay. After that, I really have no inclination to see another one.

Aquaman? Meh. It doesn’t interest me.

As I have said before, the DC movies are just not for me.


I feel the same; but then, as a comic-book reading kid in the 70s I was always more of a Marvel Zombie than a DC fan.


Casting has never been an issue. I’m happy with everyone they’ve signed up.

But we’ll never agree on how those characters should be presented.

Warners will have to guess what the general public want and hope it works.



Well there are too many of these movies to be excited about any of them. My word choice was wrong. I think these two could be really cool, though.


I’m looking forward to the next Wonder Woman movie, but I’ve no feelings about Aquaman. I honestly expected him to be a standout character in Justice League to help sell me on a solo movie, but he was very bland and forgettable. If I hear good things, I’ll see it. Otherwise, I’m likely to ignore it.


I feel like Aquaman has been in production and in the can for about sixteen years. It’s like The Movie That Refuses To Be Released. Did Justice League not go into production after Aquaman?


No, it was a whole year later.

But I understand the feeling. They haven’t rushed it, and we’ve been discussing all this stuff for a long time.


They did that dumb thing of announcing films 15 years in advance. Which only works if they all do well, in fact it doesn’t even work fully even then. All Marvel films have made a good profit in recent years but even they threw Inhumans under the bus.

It’s to be seen if Marvel and Feige have also ditched that approach or just done it because of Avengers 4 spoilers.

So yes Aquaman and Shazam feel like they have been in production for 5 years but it was really just that masterplan nonsense.


I maintain that Marvel would have ended up at this same place if not for the turn around of Ragranok and Black Panther. They were slowly eroding, and with erosion comes criticism that is usually ignored. Marvel knew how to make things new and exciting just at the right time. Star Wars and DC didn’t see the backlash coming and both thought their markets were sure things.

If you don’t know your market you don’t know what kind of movie to make. And that’s where both franchises find themselves.


I forgot about Shazam. So that’s three of these movies I’m keen on.

A big reason for this is the element of surprise. I feel like I have already seen every movie Marvel will ever make, as well as Dark Phoenix, yet Aquaman and Shazam can still be anything. And that’s cool.


I’m still pulling for New Mutants.


Aquaman yeah… unless the trailers look like utter shit, that is…

As for WW84… nah… as far as I’m concerned WW was another one of those low tier MCU movies… and I don’t really see how having her in the 80’s would add anything at all, except tap in the current 80’s nostalgia going on.