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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


I think Morrison is the last person they should turn to. His work is far to self referential and too clever for its own good. He’s great for long term comic book fans but terrible for normal people. Something like All Star Superman, full of references that 0.1% of people would get would make for a flop movie.

You need a simple, big action storyteller.



I wonder if there is anybody like that?

On a completely different unrelated unique separate note; it seems that Supergirl will be doing a version of a rather popular tome called Red Son. Ain’t that peculiar? (Baby - peculiar as can be!)


They also face the problem that none of their characters, or the actors portraying them, seem cool. Well, maybe Wonder Gal and Margot Quinn but that really depends on their next movies. Marvel got the cool factor immediately with Tony Downey Junior, Samuel L Fury, getting ScarJo involved, making Hiddleston into a thing, striking while the Pratt was hot, the very timely Black Panther, plus talent with considerable fan bases like Cumberstrange and Rudd. Nothing on the DC side really compares. Rock would probably make a huge difference but that alone would be a $20m punt on an unproven property. Who are the cheaper stars with momentum on their side that could do something special with a DC hero?


I dunno… Cavill seems super nice, so does Ezra Miller… so does Momoa… and the Cyborg guy, I forgot his name… the only actually “not cool” guy in there is Affleck, cause he has less charisma than a plank of wood… but other than that, they all (or most of them) seem “cool”.

Oh also, Will Smith is THE king of cool… he more than makes up for Affleck’s charisma void :smile:


Maybe if it was the late 90s and he was cool enough to make a song about having rich parties in Miami into a big hit single in the U.K…


You can take the framework of All Star Superman and make it work. I wish Cavill could stay in the role, but I agree with Gar that it’s probably lost to him by now. Maybe if they keep Superman out of the movies for three years or so, or only have him make minor appearances it’ll work.


About the Johns news: I’d be surprised if a GL Corps movie actually came to be. This deal seems more like a bit of sugar with the retirement.

I am glad John’s out. Never thought his comics were any good, and he’s had a terrible influence on the movies.

I hope this shake-up really leads to a restart of the whole DC universe.


I don’t see how. Another movie where Superman is going to die? A new Superman supposedly going through his bucket list? Visiting silver age characters that don’t really fit with the rest of the DCU?

I like Cavill simply because Superman is really hard to cast. He’s turned out to be a bit of a dull Superman, there’s not much fun with him. He’s a quiet, brooding type and it makes him quite boring. Part of Superman and Batman’s problem is that neither is a wisecracker like the bulk of the MCU characters. They’re straight men, who probably need a comedy relief partner to help them through a movie.

I’d have Cavill take a leadership role in the DCU, build a headquarters on the moon and make the characters appear so much bigger than the Marvel guys. That’s why you need a Green Lantern - the idea of a pantheon of Gods being all that stands between us and the dangers of the universe. A guy like Thanos would be a days work for this lot, a threat like Independence Day would be taken care off over a weekend.


Cavill was easily the best part of the Justice League movie.

Maybe that’s a “world’s tallest midget” kind of compliment, but still.


Yeah, Cavill’s problem hasn’t been that he’s dull, it’s that the films have been dour and not much fun so he didn’t have a ton to work with. He was good in Man of Steel and once he was allowed to let loose in Justice League he was clearly having a good time and it showed.


Agreed. I wasn’t big on MoS or BvS (probably because they were so dour, like Rory said), but I thought Superman was the best thing about Justice League. Shame the rest of the movie was such a mess. I’d like to see Cavill get a chance at a proper MoS sequel.


I was at a DC panel last weekend and Brian Azzarello said something that stuck with me. He said the Trinity needs to be clearly defined. Batman is human, Superman is alien and Wonder Woman is godly. To me, that means that each should be the epitome of each. They should lead from the front.

I think that WB’s main mistake was re introducing these characters. Everyone knows who they are. Introduce new characters and show the Trinity leading and training these new heroes. Have WW relate to supernatural heroes, Supes helps aliens adjust to Earth, Batman coaches human heroes,


I never liked Azzarello’s take on Superman. It worked with the Lex Luthor mini because that’s exactly how Luthor views Superman. Completely alien. But I’ve never liked that approach. Not saying it’s not a valid approach to the character, but I’ve always found I like stories that show Superman’s humanity. Sure he’s this godlike alien, but he was raised as a man and is very connected to his human upbringing. Earth is the only home he’s ever known, so the alien thing rings false to me.


Yeah, big Azzarello fan here, but I’ve always found his Superman off.

Still, his theory about the trinity is interesting, in theory anyway. In practice I’m not sure.


That’s a great comics take, but it’s too sophisticated for movies. It’s really unnecessary. They’re simply the champions and protectors of Earth, dealing with a Thanos type issue every other week. DC needs to make Marvel look small if they’re to compete against them effectively, and DC characters lend themselves to epicness and scale in a way Marvel just don’t.

Zac Snyder had Superman right - he’s a God, someone who can change the course of human history, and someone who has to be perfect at what he does. Christopher Reeve did a nice job of balancing that, he’s a God but he’s also like Santa. For modern audiences I think you need to be a bit more regal with the character.


I disagree. I think especially with Batman and Superman the origin is what makes them, it is essential to show it. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it but it is a key element of the story.

I agree with Jim Superman is difficult to cast, Cavill is probably a fine actor but his Superman didn’t resonate with me. Christopher Reeve was perfect.


yes and practically everyone agrees but he is not around and we need to find a new Superman.Some people said Connery was the best Bond but they kept making Bond movies after he stopped. I like Cavill. I think he is a good actor. It is a disservice to say he is no Christopher Reeve.

Do you think there is anyone on the Earth who doesn’t know who any of the Trinity is? You need to stop remaking the origin stories. Look at Spiderman homecoming. it introduced a new spiderman and succeeded without rehashing the origin. I still think the next Justice League movie should have the Trinity established and training new heroes for this massive battle like Jim says.


We have seen their origins so many times they have become meaningless. Their origins should be covered in the opening titles sequence at the most. Honestly, no more than 5 minutes of screen time should be dedicated to their origins for at least a decade or more.


I think they’re done with them to be honest. They skipped the Batman origin this time for example. And I liked what they did with Superman and Wonder Woman, I don’t think those movies were a mistake.

I also think they should avoid Justice League. The name is tainted, every time it’s mentioned people will mention the flop. I think they should have solo movies but have other characters show up from time to time. And like Marvel with Infinity War, I think group movies should be titles by the story rather than Junstice League 2 or 3 or whatever. So DC Invasion for example, or Blackest Night, or Crisis on Infinite Earths. DC are much worse at crossovers than Marvel, so I think they should be rare and instead having characters appear in each others movies makes the most sense.