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Yes, that’s what it says in the article… it’s probably a “work-print” cut, maybe even a rough one. But the movie was pretty much done (as in filmed)… Whedon wasn’t brought in come in to “help finish it” because of Snyder’s family tragedy.

Yeah… probably. Or if Snyder himself does it via crowd-funding or something like that… at any rate, like I said, there’s not much point since they pretty much scrapped the plans for what was coming next (supposedly, it was a 5 movie overall story, so there would still be 2 movies missing).

It’s such a mess of a story that I think it’s more probable we’ll get a documentary out of it :smile:


Maybe if it were gold, instead of blue…


That’s a bit like an idea I had for an Aquaman elseworlds type story, except that Aquaman himself is more a figure like Morpheus from the Matrix who has to embrace his destiny and help humanity face these ancient evil beings who the Atlanteans faced long ago.


That I would watch.



Translation: Kevin Smith knows nothing more than me, he’s just flapping his gums with another fan theory, which is his right but means nothing.


I think you mean he’s “revealed” the fan theory!


Some fan art on Reddit of Tom Hiddleston as the Riddler:


The Hiddler.




Ed Niddleson



I haven’t watched the video but I assume it’s ‘start over.’


Still wrong, wrong, wrong.

STEP 1: Decide on a good story to tell.

Questions? Go back to STEP 1.

Nothing stops a good story from being told.

Anything screws up a bad or nonexistent story.

Stop manipulating. Start writing.


For me personally DC has failed with story but also character. Comparing the DCEU to Marvel or Warner’s Donner, Burton, and Nolan movies, the characters of Superman and especially Batman don’t seem to inspire. It could be casting and writing but maybe it’s also directing. Maybe Snyder isn’t really an actors director. Is Cavill good in other movies?

Wonder Woman on the other hand was a fabulously realized character. I kinda want to say DC should start over but that would probably also mean no new Wonder Woman movies.


Batman saving Martha Kent (UE, of course) was so far the most perfect Batman put on screen. Before, he was flawed, deranged by his own head and trauma over time, aging, isolating, doing all that bad depressive stuff. There really should have been a few transitional sentences when Lois arrives, Bruce being somehow jolted into the realization he had been Luthor’s meat puppet. That re-centered The Batman. Please note how he took no crap the rest of the film; until the script fell apart again in the graveyard.

(I really should have been a script supervisor. I would have had so many contracts taken out on me.)


This is a terrible idea.


Keep in mind that Batman machine gunned like 16 people when he saved Martha Kent.


I said nothing about the time and therapy it will take to return to the no-kill policy which he never really had.


A complete failure which fan familiarity misses.

Much fuss about “Martha” which to a degree makes sense to me, obscures the rest, which is awful.

10 minutes after deciding he probably won’t kill Superman, Bruce Wayne appeals that ‘he’s my friend’. No he fucking isn’t. You’ve given him a stay of execution and then barely spoken to him.

Similarly then Wonder Woman appears and it’s a good line in the movies and trailers that neither Batman or Supes knows who she is. Move to Justice League and she’s appealing to "Kal-El’ to find his true side as his great ally he doesn’t know and realistically there is no reason she should know his name in the plot of the film.

It all works only if you imagine ‘The Trinity’ in the comics. Outside of that nothing makes any sense, it’s all a short cut at best to get there. They are allies because they have been in comics and movies and TV for 80 years, nothing on screen suggests any of it makes any sense. It’s screaming undying faith and love for the bloke who just sold you a PVC cover in Carphone Warehouse.