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Did they just pick a random decade out of a hat?

I’m not sure why you would do the 80s when you’ve got the 60s and 70s as options :confused:


Because children of the 80s are now the adults with children spending money rather than the children of the 60s and 70s who are old people who complain about everything.


or they did it just to piss off David :rofl:

or possibly the 70s were not used so they can count Lynda Carter’s WW as in continuity


That’s a run-on sentence!!!


Your face is a run-on sentence.


Oh Yeah? What about your face?



which is more than I can say about yours. run-on? i prefer run-over


Well, he “died” in an unseen explosion… so Zeus probably pulled him out at the last minute or something.

Then he left him in limbo for a few decades because Zeus being Zeus

Edit: Oh, and at the end of the movie he has to be put back in the original explosion because greek tragedy, to be reunited with Diana for a short time.


My guess that they’re gonna build up Circe to round out a trilogy and Steve here is an illusion.


He could be Ares in disguise, of course, or any number of shape shifting or reality bending enemies who want to use Trevor to get past Diana’s defenses.

Yeah, Tom, Circe would be a good option.



The most important question is at what moment in the film will 99 Luftballoons will play on the soundtrack?


Main titles.


Don’t know about the 60’s but the 70’s stories have already been told.



If they haven’t got some kind of shampoo/shower gel marketing tie-in for this, they’re missing a trick.



crosses fingers, hopes for dubbing by Gilbert Gottfried



Too formfitting right now, but looks like a prototype.