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Or Frank Drebin.


Hal already exists, Dave.



“Hal Jordan, Green Lantern Corps! And don’t ever let me catch you guys on Earth!”



“Is this some kind of bust?”



“Hal, snap out of it! You’re looking at her like she was your mother for Christ’s sake!”



Oh, they will probably blame it on Doc Manhattan’s influence or something.


Shocking that Geoff Johns and one of the movie’s producers would have positive things to say about it.


It’s pretty much a bat signal that suggests this movie is a bit shit. It’s like a parent bragging about their oh so talented child.


… but my child IS talented! :smile:


Aquaman kinda looks set to be an epic failure. But I’d like to be pleasantly surprised by it.


Only ONE of your two kids is? :wink:


There’s no real way to judge Aquaman until we see a trailer. It’s another film that I want to like though.


They alternate, every other day.


I’m still very interested in Aquaman because of the whole underwater thing… I guess the trailers will give us a better idea wether they succeeded or not… I hope they do, since it’ll be a first in movie history, but other than that, fuck the DC movie-verse… I’m still mad about that whole Snyder/JLA fiasco… u_u


I have high hopes for Aquaman. I like Wan, I like Momoa. It should be Lord of the Rings underwater. Not seeing any reason to believe it will inherently be shit.


Wan is an energetic director that I’ve long said would work better in action than horror. However Fast 7 was just okay so I’m unsure how Aquaman will turn out.


Even if Fast 7 was just okay, it was still better than 4-6.