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I’m not sure Johns is the right guy. Green Lantern only really works as a space cop movie I think, something that has a share of laughs as well as action. He’s not exactly a cheerful writer.


Warners positions are very sketchy, it’s always had to tell what each person does. They’ve had Lee and Didio with the same publisher title, then Bob Harras was EiC but I don’t know what that means and he never seems to address the media. The Chief Creative Officer Johns held previously, and now Lee does, was never very well defined in how much was movies, comics, cartoons etc.

At Marvel it’s a lot easier, Feige is in charge of the films, Loeb the TV and Cebulski the comics. It’s true that Quesada seems to have that floating ‘creative’ job Johns had before but it’s a lot easier for the likes of us to tell what these moves mean there.


Mayhaps they consult Ryan Reynolds? He seems to have an opinion.


Getting a producing deal on the lot is a standard deal when a senior executive leaves their studio job. It doesn’t mean they’ll get to produce anything.

Executive producer credit is assured though. He’ll get paid if/when they make a GL movie.


Maybe not a bad idea. The superhero movies that have worked best are the ones that have been people who understand movies, honestly with little background association with the comics themselves.

Millar has the right idea here - he creates a comic, basically has an idea, but he lets movie and TV people do what they need to in order to make an effective product. So Kingsman the movie is only a little like the comics book. It normally works, though sometimes someone puts in a loom of fate and makes a mess of things.

The best comic book movies (Spidey 2, Guardians, Ragranok, Dark Knight, Superman 2, Man of fucking Steel people) were by people who had very little comic book experience. So having a comic guy working on a movie feels like a misstep.


Despite the job title, every successful production has a person or three in a position to be heard and has enough clout to see a palatable vision realised. It’s really important that any production does not get endlessly jostled; whether by Suit Interference (my current bugaboo), cast misbehavior or accidents, Acts of Weather or simply not employing a wise script supervisor. Social media and being informed of what every possibly involved person said moments after they say it does not seem to help, either.

I think it’s important to craft a solid piece - movie, comic book, whatever - rather than a multi-million dollar “concept and make it work!!!” The bigger the creative committee, the smaller the chance for a palatable product.


Apparently Johns heavily re-wrote Justice League before the director change:

Hopefully his GLC script will be better, but I’m not holding out much hope.


“Once [sic] of DC Comics’ greatest Super Hero universes, the film will feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart…”

I was hoping they’d give Hal a break, but with Johns writing that was probably never going to happen.


Hal’s only got one movie.

Deserves a second chance.


It might be interesting to make John Stewart the main GL and have Hal be a GL of the past who has somehow fallen and needs to be redeemed, kind of like they did with the whole Parallax thing in the comics. But better than that.


Not sure about that name.

Edit: and I just saw a tweet pointing out that KZ is a German abbreviation for concentration camp, which is unfortunate.


Or just sidestep it because that was a horrible plot that led to two good stories.


The German connection doesn’t bother me as I’m positive he didn’t intend for that. But the name itself sounds like a bad 90s Image imprint.


Just when I had a spark of hope that Warners and DC were getting back on track, someone, somewhere decided to approve the name “killing zone.”

What were the names that DIDN’T make the cut?


Toilet Flush




I don’t get this Green Lantern Corps stuff. DC hasn’t even shown they know what to do with one GL, so now they use a whole bunch?

And Geoff Johns, well I’m not his biggest fan.


If there’s one surefire way to make a hero feel special and unique, it’s showing thousands of others with the same powers and costume.


I’m ambivalent to Johns but I don’t get the GL love at all. I hope it works for them but this will probably be one I skip.


Green Lantern was my favorite DC hero when I was a kid. Then when all the Guardians popped in with all their rules and stuff, it got a lot less fun. I don’t mind if they make Green Lantern a space cop, but he should probably be a space cop like Martin Riggs or James “Sonny” Crockett.