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They’re totally missing a trick by not doing a movie based on that run where Wonder Woman lost her powers and basically became Emma Peel for a year or two.







‘Early Development’


Yeah sure…Will this come out before or after the Cyborg solo film?..:unamused:


Right alongside Gambit


Before Black Adam’s first appearance.


A lot of business lunches are being paid for with that development money. The LA restaurant industry would collapse if Warner Bros cut back on Joker projects.





Lest you forget your Schoolhouse Rock, three is the magic number. Oh yes it is. And that’s how many writers are now officially working on Suicide Squad 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter. David Barr Katz and Todd Stashwick will co-write the sequel with director Gavin O’Connor, best known for previously directing The Accountant and Warrior.

Katz’s credits include a Black List-selected screenplay titled The Man in the Rockefeller Suit, based on a true crime story reported in Vanity Fair, as well as a rewrite of Todd McFarlane’s new Spawn movie starring Jamie Foxx. Stashwick, a self-described longtime DC fan, has written for FOX’s Gotham series and Syfy’s 12 Monkeys.


Suicide Squad should have been DC’s Guardians.


It was one of their biggest hits so far, right?

It would be fun if the lesson WB took from SS’s success is that their heroes need to be more criminal.


Didn’t think I’d have a reason to see the Teen Titans GO! movie, but:


Enh, Superman and Batman have been killing in their movies since the 80’s. It’s not that new. It’s the how that marks the times. Regret is so out of fashion.


One of John’s first projects will be Green Lantern Corps, based on DC’s intergalactic police heroes which Johns is already very familiar with, having spent nine years writing Green Lantern comics and its spin-offs and publishing events. Johns will write the screenplay and act as one of the producers on the feature film.


Finding the right creative imprimatur on the movie side has been elusive for DC, especially given the inevitable comparisons to Marvel, where Kevin Feige has managed to generate one crowd-pleasing global blockbuster after another with no sign of hitting the wall. DC’s films put up large global grosses, but like the most recent effort Justice League and Batman V Superman, they have been very dark, long and not beloved. The notable exception as been Wonder Woman, with Gal Gadot starring and Patty Jenkins in the starring role.

Right now, they are installing DC Entertainment publisher Jim Lee to the chief creative officer position. But what he knows about movie making is a mystery. Many believe Warner Bros and DC counted too much on director Zack Snyder, not known for his sense of humor. But there is an opportunity for Toby Emmerich to really reshuffle the executive deck on the feature side and turn DC into something more formidable than it is right now even as a James Wan-directed Aquaman is coming and Wonder Woman 2 is in production.

Emmerich’s longtime genre guy at New Line, Walter Hamada, continues at the helm of DC.

Warners have taken their time on this, which is good, rushing important decisions doesn’t help anyone.