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Given DC’s recent record with the movies, Turds of Prey could be an apt title.


And given how lacking in colour they are, maybe Turds of Grey.


Has anyone seen that Batman Ninja movie that came out recently? I’ve got a free rental this weekend and was thinking about grabbing it if it’s in stock.


Inquiring minds want to know! (Me too!)



Someone looks ready to snap necks then burn the body!


His boots are the wrong color.


The skivvies are still missing. Should have corrected that in post.




They’re there. Just have to click on the image.


You’d like that, wouldn’t you?



no, they’re actually right there in that pic… although there’s more of them in the link.


Had several cups of coffee. Still do not require crotch closeups. Old!



Yep! I watched it last week with some friends. The animation took me a little while to get used to, but then I really got into it. It gets pretty crazy, so if you’re ready to just go with it, I think you’ll have a fun ride.
I’m tempted to watch it again soon in the original Japanese audio. Somehow I think it would feel more authentic that way.
There’s a pretty great sequence with the Batman that was worth the price of admission, for me.
There’s a heavy focus on fun and style over everything else, which I think works to its benefit. It certainly gave me all of the things that I wanted to see. It’s fun. No real insight into Batman’s character (they may even mishandle his interior thoughts and feelings at one point, but then again, he is the most malleable superhero), but giving Batman a samurai sword makes up for that.
Also, Catwoman should have red-brown hair in the comics from now on. It’s a cool look.

TL;DR: Batman Ninja is the best DC film since BvS.


You would think after the success of Black Panther WB would be fast tracking a Cyborg movie.


To be fair they’re totally different properties, unless Vic suddenly finds out there’s a hidden African kingdom of cyborgs.


Ah crap. I meant to say with the Batmobile.