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I just hadn’t heard anything about the kid, just about the adult actor.


I been posting about them and cast photos in this thread.

But in any case, yeah all of the Shazam Family have been cast as kids. Except Mary who is a 20 something playing a teenager.


Maybe the current decline in Marvel comics can be traced directly back to that?
If your name is @davidm.


On last night’s Conan, Kiersey Clemons said she’s playing Iris in The Flash movie:

There were rumours that she’d be replaced after the last director left, but I guess not.


Can she confirm there’s actually going be a Flash movie?

I’m genuinely hoping it does get made, I think the casting works, Ezra Miller was very good in ‘Justice League’.


I am half expecting Billy Batson to be a CG de-aged Levi.


That sounds really creepy.





Somehow Penguin makes sense to be in Birds of Prey. I’m not sure why :confused:


He definitely fits the bill.


Top of the pecking order, I should think.


I know it looks like me Rory and Miqque had planned that routine, but really we were winging it.


I work best on the fly.


Well, I tried to duck out of this conversation.




I was just trying to goose this thread along.


You were just featherbedding!


Because we need a break from all the bird puns:


Now who’s getting their feathers ruffled? :wink: