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Happy Birthday, Andy!


Happy Birthday, buddy! Thank you for joining our unwashed masses in viewing Justice League. You don’t seem to have that fascination some of us have for re-watching a train wreck. BvS and JL fascinate me! The wrapping paper has a better plot than JL…


Happy birthday! You’re a lucky man to have such a cool family!


At least the wrapping paper had Green Lantern! :wink:
I finished it last night, WOW! I really didn’t think it could be as bad as it was. When I can’t help but make sarcastic comments within the 1st few minutes you know it’s going to be a rough slog.
I honestly can’t think of a redeeming quality for the film. Setting aside my personal affection for the characters, objectively poor film making in the departments of:
CG effects
Fight choreography
This was basically just another generic CGI villain chasing glowing cubes that have the power to destroy the world. The guy’s name is Steppenwolf!? Really!? He doesn’t even have a magic carpet! (Admittedly he looks like he was born to be wild) Bruce’s secret weapon to get Kal to remember who he is…some girl he barely knows instead of his MOM!? Remember how big a deal Martha was in BvS? Kal didn’t whisper “Lois” when he thought Batman was about to kill him. Seems like Martha would be the one person you KNOW could bring Kal out of it, Bruce would have have been smart enough to figure it out. It was a forced appearance of Lois to make her relevant to the story. Diane Lane is the most convincing actor in the movie and got the least screen time.
Aquaman: never thought Drogo could be such an annoying drip.
The Flash: cool costume but basically just Peter Parker as Quicksilver
Cyborg: no…just…NO
Batman: displays no intellect, just shoots guns in his long underwear
Wonder Woman: shitty dialogue, shittier action but hey at least she still rocks the costume!
Kal: after being resurrected from the dead he spends all night in a CGI corn field talking to Lois and never even goes to see his MOTHER? Martha has to go find him!? Sorry, get ready for it…
That’s not MY Superman!
Lois: one dimensional, no chemistry with Kal
Steppenwolf: Poor man’s Thanos

In a nut shell, it sucked!


Cyborg was the only good character in it though, like genuinely good.
Before they started to ignore his character arc for Superman wank.


Well, that’s a start. There are some really bad parts on repeated views.


I was actually looking forward to Cyborg, but he really needed his own movie to flesh out the character. (Pun intended) otherwise his terrible CGI body was incredibly distracting from the actor.


Whedon/WB cut out a lot of Cyborg’s character development. It really was his movie, down to the original ending being Cyborg saving the day pretty much on his own.


And I wonder to this day why Martha simply didn’t leave Clark out in the sunshine for a bit.



That explains so much!

Steppenwolf has no asshole. No genitalia.

That is one angry Steppenwolf.


Your mind goes to all the wrong places, Mique.




It looks like he’s drinking blood.


He is.

Welcome to the last remnants of Zach Snyder’s DCEU.


How are they going to approach the Billy Batson character in Shazam? Is a kid playing him?


Yes…why wouldn’t there be?


To be fair, Marvel could only make Thor work by ditching Donald Blake. Maybe that’s where such an assumption might have come from?


Marvel themselves though mostly ditched Donald Blake in the comics over 30 years ago.