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It took them forever to decide to adapt Justice League Vol. 1: Origin rather than the OMAC story they talked about for years. And we know there were a ton of ideas as to how to make another Superman movie before Superman Returns finally happened. There was a Green Arrow movie in development at one point (Supermax) that never happened. There have already been a lot of incarnations of Batman. Marvel got off easy when the Avengers movies were finally possible, because among these characters very few of them had ever appeared in a movie or TV show. Hulk was by far the most exposed character among them, and also the most difficult to nail, and had already appeared in one failed movie, and was the first of the Avengers cycle to strike out so badly that most people probably don’t even realize Incredible Hulk is a part of it. They built it around Iron Man, who couldn’t have existed plausibly in film until he did, and they found a perfect actor to play him. They got off incredibly easily. I guarantee you it will be a lot harder whenever Marvel gets around to doing new movie interpretations of these characters. Because they’re still infants compared to DC’s superheroes.

And that’s why it’s so hard. Because DC isn’t just playing against Marvel, but its own history. That’s what Andrew Garfield was doing, and what Tom Holland got to sidestep, because he was part of a whole massive machine, and not just another Spider-Man. He even got that fervent wish of not having to do another origin story. For DC to be doing anything, it has to be bigger than what it’s done previously. And now you see how much harder it’ll be for Marvel years from now…


TL;DR “Nothing can live up to Adam West”.


I guess DC picked a Harley Quinn movie:

Filming next January, so probably out sometime in 2020.


With Margot Robbie involved, it was likely a choice made by her and her schedule. Quite liked her in Legend of Tarzan.


These bits stuck out:

A report from Variety last month seemed to confirm Robbie’s Harley as the film’s “crazed supervillain.” The characters, cast, and plot details are still unknown, but Robbie has described it as an “R-rated girl gang movie” to Moviefone.

Considering HQ’s popularity, I wonder if there will be a bigger baddie that she is trying to stop and has to team up with BoP to stop in the end?



I love how all we’ve gotten is rumors debunking rumors, when in essence and practicality it’s all just talking in a dark room with yourself without any actual proof to back things up.


I hope he does return and Joe M whatever his last name is returns as Deathstroke. Affleck is awesome as Batman.


I’ve been saying “Manicotti” - and I know that’s not right!


My birthday??? Aren’t we getting Fallout on that day too?


Joe Manganiello


If you think the Joker we actually got in Suicide Squad looked bad:


He was awesome as Batman in BvS. He was a fat Jason Sudekis in Justice League. Homeboy needs to lay off the booze and the carbs.


Yeah, he was pretty plump. He should probably do a cycle or two of Canadian supplements before he starts filming as Batman again.


And get into another one of those really bad moods!


So you want him to keep drinking then?


Oh hells yeah! Ain’t nothin’ like a drunken Bat!



Yesterday was my Birthday and I had considered seeing IW but the budget only allows one night at the theater this month and the girls are much more excited for Deadpool 2. So I decided we’d watch Justice League at home.
The good part was what I found on the couch:

After I pushed the play button the evening went downhill fast. I didn’t make it to the end, never even got to see Kal suit up! I’ll watch the end but I’ve really lost interest unfortunately.
DC rushed it trying to catch up with Marvel, such a lost opportunity.


That is awesome wrapping paper.