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They’ll soon face the scales of justice, you’ll sea!!


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This thread is floundering now.


Oh, get off your perch, David.


It works if the comic companies do the “unthinkable” and make comics out of the successful movies. Aren’t Marvel’s Star Wars comics some of their best sellers?

However, DC and Marvel don’t really want to integrate comics publishing with other media to make that work. DC never really puts a lot of promotion behind its comic book tie ins to the cartoon - like Teen Titans Go! or the much older Superman Adventures (which I believe Millar wrote) - even though there is a terrific opportunity for a line of comics aimed at the young and preteen readers that you don’t have to go to a comic book shop to find.

The millions of kids who are fans of the Marvel films and the two or three who are fans of the DC movies are certainly not going to be inclined to pick up the regular line of Marvel or DC comics because they aren’t really designed to appeal to them AND they are not really in any way like the movies.

Honestly, I could see people getting into the Millar/Hitch Ultimates out of the Avengers movies, though, and, even more ironically, I could see fans of superhero movies getting into the current DC line more than the current Marvel line.


Monthly comics are just a grind to follow, find a direct market shop if there is one near (probably not). Place advance orders if you want to guarantee you get anything you want. Which isn’t the retailers fault, it’s how the system is set up.

The kids section of bookshops now is rammed with Marvel and DC books. That’s how they read them.



I’m pretty sure Flash Point was gonna tie with Snyder’s arc, and particularly with the “Knightmare vision” and the “future flash” cameo in BvS… So yeah, this comes as NO surprise at all, I’ve been expecting that…

However, I doubt it has anything to do with Affleck, since they could just re-cast and get done with it.


I thought the rumor was they were going to use Flashpoint as the place to recast Batman. Either way, it’s best to drop Flashpoint. It never sounded like a good way to try to kick off a franchise. DC should just focus on Wonder Woman, give MoS a proper sequel, and hope Aquaman and Shazam hit. Then they can make some decisions on what else to move forward with. A Batman solo film seems a must. Losing Affleck is probably good for that since he’s very polarizing. I lost all interest in him as Batman when he left the directing duties of the Batman movie. Outside of that, who knows. I’m surprised they’ve been so slow to develop a Harley Quinn spin-off movie since she was the break out star of Suicide Squad.


They are developing a Harley Quinn solo film I thought?


There are several Harley films in development, and they can’t seem to make up their minds about which one to make.


Harley Quinn and The Joker
Gotham City Sirens
Birds of Prey
Suicide Squad 2

Hard to tell which one(s) will get made and which ones are vaporware.


Yeah, my point was just that they’ve been very slow to actually choose a path with the Harley Quinn stuff. It’s been almost two years since Suicide Squad but nothing even seems to have moved out of development hell.


You can apply that to all the characters that Warner Bros control.

They still don’t have a consistent strategy.


Frantically bashing the keyboard in a fever state while yelling something about money can be done consistently.


Well, it could’ve been REALLY good within the context of what I think (just my assumption) would’ve been Snyder’s overall plan. However, since he got canned and they basically de-Snyderized Justice League (as in they decided to scrap that initial plan) then yeah, it makes no sense at all to go with Flashpoint.

At any rate, I’m probably done with being hyped for DC movies, unless they grow a pair (unlikely). I’m still interested in Aquaman though, just out of curiosity of how it’ll look, it being an underwater tale and whatnot, but at this point I have no illusions about the quality of the movie, considering how they love to butcher their own movies.

And for me WW was about as generic as SH movies get, so I’m not really interested. Might check out Shazam at some point when it hits home release…