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I read the complaints at the time but I don’t think any of those with a problem watched Teen Titans Go (and there you go, Dave shows they couldn’t have without a time machine). There’s very little crossover in audiences.

The issue was she was more overtly sexual than the previous comics version (who yes had boobs and a revealing costume but was faithful to Nightwing - I decided not to write Dick there). :smile:


The previous Teen Titans cartoon, as far as I can make out, was a bit more ‘adult’ (I know it mainly from the great pisstakes in TTG), so there might have been a bit more of a comparison there I guess. But still only ‘adult’ in a Saturday-morning-cartoon way.

There’s barely any sexual references in TTG (unsurprisingly given its target audience) - just stuff about Robin wanting to be Starfire’s boyfriend and her being either uninterested or oblivious.


OMG I have to see the movie! That new trailer is incredible!


But it’s the same show, just brought back, tweaked, like the several nominal iterations of Batman: The Animated Series. I watched some of it from both eras, enough to tell the difference but also that it’s essentially the same show.

Gar, I realize there were fans who complained about Starfire’s New 52 incarnation for its own sake, as that was a time when fans were heavily criticizing sexualized women as a whole (and having apparently missed, oh, the whole 1990s). But there were also fans who complained that anyone reading these comics who only knew Starfire from the cartoon wouldn’t understand why she’d been sexualized. These are the same fans who are steadfast in their belief that John Stewart is the one and only Green Lantern, as all their knowledge is derived from the Justice League cartoon.


I say it again, that is a great trailer! I need to see this!


I think they’re very different. I’ve watched a few episodes of the other Teen Titans with the kids but the tone, animation style and comedy of Teen Titans Go are all quite a big departure from the one that came before it.


In fact many fans were even more angry they did a comedy kids version instead of a more serious one.

It’ll be another ‘agree to disagree’ point for me that the cartoon had anything much to do with the criticism of the Nu52 Starfire. In various debates here I have to remind people that Marvel and DC even make any cartoons as they pontificate that no kids know who Robin is etc.


They are similar in the sense that the same characters comprise the team and the same talent does the voices, but worlds apart in tone, target and animation style.


The reboot, as I have said, I find to be a manic version of the original.


I’ve never watched the show but that’s a pretty great trailer.

Wanna guess who did the song? :wink:


I think that was me :smiley:

I still have no real awareness of the cartoons. I know they exist but I’ve never watched one, and I don’t really have any desire to watch one. I’m happy for there to be an entire parallel universe of media featuring characters I know that aren’t made for me. (Hmm, come to think of it, that last sentence describes the entire DCU and DC movie universe at the moment :expressionless: )


Yep, I increasingly feel like that about today’s adaptations in general, the cartoons and especially the tv shows are pretty much entirely out of my sphere of experience now (apart from what I see with the kids).

Some of the movies are fun, but largely I don’t feel like they’re really for me anymore (although I can still enjoy them).

I still feel like the most interesting stuff is being done in the comics, which are much more geared towards adult readers now that the mainstream-media stuff.

But that’s all as it should be really. There’s a lucky generation growing up with these adaptations that are perfectly tailored to them.


It wasn’t just you, quite a few were querying in a debate whether kids would know who Robin is because he hadn’t been in a film since the 90s, while actually he’s the lead in the most popular kids TV show in the world.

It’s understandable as adults are not the target market and kids TV is increasingly on specialist channels and not on main networks, so you aren’t as likely to chance upon it by accident as in times gone by. There’s probably a very small group that are specific animation fans like Martin that even keep up with their existence.

We hear a similar one with comics that they make nothing for kids nowadays to get into reading comics when in fact there are Teen Titans Go and DC Superhero Girls comics coming out every week digitally for a dollar. They are off the main radar of adult comics readers so they assume they don’t exist. I probably would too if I didn’t have kids of my own.


David Willis of Shortpacked made that argument, but it was more about how people who enjoyed Starfire’s character in the 2003 cartoon would be turned off by the Nu52 version


My daughter still loves these. We don’t follow digitally but we get the TPBs when they come out. They churn them out quick!

They’re actually some of my favourite all-ages comics in a while - really fun and light and accessible (even if they do chuck in the occasional obscure DC reference for the fans).

Also, it’s nice to have a take on Harley that I don’t feel embarrassed to show a kid.


Yeah that DC model is half a comic a week so it’s essentially a bi-weekly book, 2-3 months and there’s another trade’s worth.


Apart from the costume, which always was quite revealing, it fits the old Wolfman/Perez version too. Starfire was naive and devoted to Mr Grayson (yeah avoiding using Dick there again). I think that’s what angered fans, that her personality changed to “I’m bored, show me your penis” (that made me laugh).


Not defending the changes to Starfire here, 'cause whatever… but I’m really tired of this argument. “Lucy” doesn’t, has never and will never exist.

How many trillions do the movies need to make before people stop using that “popularity in other media translates to comicbook sales” bullshit idea?

It’s never happened and never will… or at least not in any sufficient quantity to actually mean anything.


Could be that “fits the old Wolfman/Perz version” is part of the problem.


Outside the middle-age-plus male population restricted to MW; there seems to be much active interest in the Teen Titans Go animated movie and the live-action Titans series forthcoming.

Notes to the Producers at WB:

  1. EVERYBODY KNOWS WHO ROBIN IS/WAS/ARE! Quit being difficult about it.

  2. Kids change. Learn some biology!

  3. Truant officers still exist.