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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Yeah, I would say Spider-Man 2, Batman, Man of Steel, X2, and maybe Batman Begins or the first Guardians film depending on my mood.

But I think almost all superhero films are pretty good. A lot of them have two or three fairly big flaws, and where we all personally rank them depends on how forgiving of the flaws we are.


Man of Steel and X2 would definitely be tops for me. I would have to rewatch a few to decide what others I would put on top.


Yeah, I’m kind of with you on that. There are a few I really love and a few I never want to see again, but most I’ve thought were solid and enjoyable. And yep, the type of flaws they have will impact how I rank them since I might put more stock in one type of flaw over another.


True - it’s not like people who liked Ant-Man didn’t like Logan.

It is true that the films are generally better than most superhero films of the past. There still are some insanely bad low budget superhero films, but a lot of that is due to the fact that the quality of the major films have generated more demand.



Shit as much as I love Cavill’s Supes, I’m not sure I’ll care if Snyder’s not involved =(


It may say “Exclusive” but I saw the same story on about nine different sites a few days ago.


I thought that after the failure of JL and the WB restructuring, Snyder was out?


I don’t know if he’s “out”, per se. He and Deborah had a terrible time with the loss of their daughter. That’s going to take time and hard therapeutic work to get past. Personally, I think JL would have been a ton better if it was a) pure Snyder and b) not diddled with by the studio. I see where he was going more from the UE of BvS (which almost makes it into a movie - I can’t stop watching BvS and JL just like some folks watch demolition derbies). Would have liked to see what happened. And maybe not have Steppenwolf (never one of my favorites) looking such the doofus.


Dream on! :smiley:


New Teen Titans Go! trailer.


And poster.


Still weird that this and Ant Man + Wasp are out the same day over here.


Superhero link or not though they are completely different audiences. Nobody in this group I know of has ever commented on Teen Titans Go unless like Will, Dave and me, they have pre-teen kids.


I imagine it’s complicated by Disney having Incredibles 2 out in mid-July in the UK too (as opposed to early June in the US), presumably to benefit from school holiday dates.

Disney are probably more worried about Ant-Man clashing with that than with Teen Titans.


It is strange how divided the DC audience is. Teen Titans cartoons are very popular with families but few people take their kids to see the Nolan and Snyder films. Also, I don’t think many fans of the television shows are inclined to see the films.

Heck, doesn’t seem like many fans of the comics wanted to see the movies, but that’s a relatively small number of people.


@Hank is a fan as well. I don’t think he has pre-teen kids, but he does have good taste.


My wife and I am too. Though it’s definitely a show that we only watch in small batches.


I’m sure I’ve never talked about it here, but I’ve seen the show. In its early years it was actually comparatively tame. Then it went full manic. A lot of fans were upset at Lobdell and Rocafort’s Red Hood and the Outlaws at the start of the New 52 era because their Starfire was obviously far more sexual than the one from the cartoon. Well, obviously. It also meant the fans of the cartoon had probably never read any of the older comics. Starfire always had boobs, yo.


You might be thinking of the previous Teen Titans show - Teen Titans Go didn’t launch until 2013, well after the New 52 did.