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Is Dark Knight Returns universally loved? It had a second-weekend drop on par with divisive movies like Dawn of Justice and Last Jedi. My recollection is that it wasn’t well received at all by the general public.

I like the movie fine, so that isn’t my personal opinion of it.


I don’t think it’s universally loved, but I’ve never heard much loathing for it either. It’s more in line with your above average blockbuster. People thought it was okay, but nothing spectacular.


I got the sense it was reasonably well-liked, but people thought it wasn’t as good as Dark Knight.


To be fair though, it was pish


I can’t. Genuinely.

Totally anecdotal, I know.

However deep down, everybody know that the Nolan Batman trilogy is the only thing DC have got right movie wise since Burton’s Batman.


My memory of the Dark Knight is universal praise and people going for multiple viewings


I love how we are still talking about this stuff years later. Good times.


In all honesty, Man of Steel is one of my favorite films much less my favorite DC/Superman film.

My friends have raved about the DC films and are genuinely puzzled why critics don’t care for them.


Even Green Lantern?


No one remembers that one except to joke about it. It’s barely even remembered here on Millarworld and not really part of the DCEU.


I guess we aren’t counting VfV, Constantine or Watchmen… =P


But again, I think it really is because of things like this. They literally stand around discussing exactly how they’re going to bring Superman back, and I think that about sums up why Avengers movies generally are accepted and these Man of Steel movies aren’t, and we’re even at a point where people are now arguing even Nolan’s Batman movies were shit…The Avengers movies are first and foremost visceral experiences. The ones fans love best are the ones that are fun to watch. Even the debates we’ve been having about Civil War tell me beyond anything else that having to pick a side in a movie is asking too much. This was famously a marketing gimmick for the comic, but for the movie it’s just another way to be divisive. And the DC movies are always asking audiences to approach them like this. Unsurprisingly, the most purely visceral of them, Wonder Woman, is also the one audiences have actually approved of.

And it’s not really worth bringing up the thought pieces behind Black Panther as a counterpoint. I think it brilliantly uses thought pieces as part of its appeal, but if audiences debated them, the movie’s appeal would drop to nil. Far below what’s actually happened, anyway.

In sum, DC movies ask too much. They ask so much, it’s just easier to check out and declare it to be nonsense. And Avengers movies, more often than not, are enjoyable in a very straightforward way.


That I can see, somewhat.
The amount of people I still hear to this day that claim that Eisenberg’s Lex had no motivation is ridiculous.


We’re long past the point where we should be happy just because we “got” something.


I guess, but a large part of the appeal and thrill for me is just seeing the characters brought to life. I mean very few of these movies are actually “great” in any real way, we’re talking like 3 or 4 total.


Understandable…but that’s the disconnect for me.

It’s why something like HULK, Gotham, or iZombie are so much more palatable to me despite being different, while the Arrowverse stuff is rancid IMO despite also being different. And it’s the separation of quality levels.


I haven’t seen any of those things beyond one or two episodes.


I guess that’s why I love Legion. It succeeds at being something completely different from everything else. I think it could have worked even if it had no ties to Marvel.

Just seeing characters on the big or small screen is not enough. They need to have spark inside of them. Man of Steel had a spark but unfortunately, it lit a dumpster fire and turned me off the DC movies.


By that logic, as a big time Fantastic Four fan, I should be thrilled by the two FF movies we got, because my childhood heroes were, achem, "brought to life " by the geniuses at Fox.

Look, I get giving movies a bit of extra wiggle room as a critical mind because I love th characters/stories they portray. But. I think once people make peace with the idea that it’s okay to like bad movies this whole defense of crap like Justice League will fade away.

I like Sucker Punch. I like Armageddon. I dig Pain and Gain. I also fully acknowledge that those movies are hot garbage. Who cares? I like them . They objectively suck… but for whatever reason, they hit me where it counts. The DCEU movies are crap. Defend them as you wish, but good Christ, they are just a series of dumpster fires. But if you dig them…who gives a damn? Defending and attempting to justify their shittieness by claiming that we should simply be greatful that they exist, regardless of their quality, deflates your position.

It’s okay to like shitty movies.

EDIT. I forgot there were three FF movies. FanFourStick was so, so bad, that my very flexible brain forgot it existed, probably as a means of maintaining my sanity.


I really enjoyed the first two Fantastic Four movies at the time. I’d give them a solid 6/10 or so, well worth my admission, I liked individual moments much more than the overall picture, and I never had the desire to see them again. Pretty much the same as every comic book movie with a few exceptions to be honest.

As much as I enjoy Guardians I do think Man of Steel is the only one this decade that flirts with being something more, but I don’t know if it gets there and I’m certainly not going to die on the hill of defending this Justice League fiasco.

My initial comment was more a reflection on how far we’ve come since the 80s I suppose. But people complain about the negativity on this board all the time so I’m not sure it was out of line or out of the ordinary.