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They should make a Gotham City Sirens movie structured like Pulp Fiction with a bunch on interconnected vignettes starring Harley, Catwoman, Batgirl, and Ivy.


Ayer was supposed to direct a GCS movie, but it’s unclear if it’s still happening.


He’s struck gold with Bright. No need to weigh himself down anymore.


Yep. With Bright, Ayer reached his maximum possible height in cinema.



Wake me when they cast Zinda


Speaking of Bright, why hasn’t DC thrown together a Deadshot movie? Granted, Smith isn’t close to the draw he used to be, but he could easily carry an aging action film that could basically be “John Wick in the DCEU.” It wouldn’t need a huge budget and no one would be expecting it to make a billion dollars.


What’s the other SS in the DCU? Secret Six, right? I think that would be a good choice for a film headlining Deadshot. Catman would be a great buddy for the story, too.


I don’t understand why they didn’t use Catman in SQ… it would’ve made a Deadshot/Catman Spin-off a lt easier… u_u

But, then again, I don’t know if Smith’s Deadshot would play well with Catman… so…


I don’t think he necessarily needs a team. He’s a hitman who’s decided to leave that life behind. Presumably, there would be plenty of people concerned with him working with the government, or view him as having gone soft, etc., who would then come after him. They kill his dog threaten his daughter, and he goes after them. Keeps the budget reasonable and gives you a reason to root for a bad guy protagonist (and avoids simply repeating Suicide Squad). It’d be derivative, and maybe seen as Deadpool without the laughs, but would probably rake in a decent amount globally. And, yeah, bring in Catman as an antagonist and/or buddy to lighten things up a bit.


Butch and Sundance of the DCU.



I want to see this so much more than the Simone-less Squad!


Question is whether a John Wick style movie is the way Warner wants to go in the DC universe. It’s not just about whether the individual movie would make money, but also if it adds to the DCU cinema brand what they want to see there.


I think that’s part of their problem. One of the reasons Wonder Woman worked is that it felt more concerned with feeling like a Wonder Woman movie than with matching up tonally or stylistically with the other DC films (and where it did match up most closely was the climax, which was the part most people criticized).


Throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks?



The problem I see with a Deadshot film is that there still tons of DC properties that should be higher priority like Green Lantern, Flash, and Batman. And they still can’t get a damned Batman film into production. I would think they would want to,establish their big guns before they start handing films out to characters like Deadshot or Nightwing.


The advantage with something like Deadshot (or SuSq) is that there are no expectations for it, and you can make them on a mid-budget. The potential misadvantage is brand dilution - there is a reason why Marvel isn’t making a Deadpool style movie (I mean, besides Fox owning Deadpool :wink: ) .


He’s even wearing a shit Superman logo tee

They can’t even get that right


If you own Sucide Squad then it’s too late for you…period