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You forgot about Bloodshot (DS) and Harbinger Wars (NG)



It’s perhaps worth noting that DC movies generally follow the tone of DC comics. The ‘90s in particular (it’s the decade I know best) were grim. Superman was in one gigantic crisis, and often existential crisis, after another. And Marvel movies follow the tone of Marvel comics.

And the results keep telling us what fans ought to know well enough already, that Marvel stories generally are the ones interpreted as what superheroes are supposed to be like, and as such they’re usually the most popular. I don’t know if it’s the current perception that Marvel has been the opposite of that for a few years that makes fans who really ought to know better to somehow not see that. But it’s a good working theory.



Yeah, I think that is a big part of this that gets glossed over. We think of the DC characters as the line for kids because of the Superfriends shows or like the bedsheets and pajamas we had as kids, but post-Silver Age the comics have always been most famous for Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Death of Superman, superheroes shooting up heroin, getting murdered with crowbars, insane asylums, wailing over the deaths of loved ones, women getting raped in the heroes’ HQ, stuff like that.

The first billion dollar superhero film was a mature film that used Miller’s name for Batman. They hired the 300 director to adapt first a Moore story then another Miller story. The artistic results can be debated but it doesn’t strike me as a weird approach for them.


Plus it’s not like they hired some random guy who doesn’t know squat (SQ) of comicbooks… I mean, like him or not, Snyder knows his shit, and very well… in fact better than probably most if not all.


And Joss Whedon! He’s king of the nerds!

No … Wait …



ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: _First 300, now Watchmen — have you always been a comics fan?_

ZACK SNYDER: I came to comic books through my mother. I loved fantasy art — I love Frank Frazetta [the famed illustrator known for adult-oriented, sword-and-sorcery, and sci-fi imagery]. I went to boarding school. You weren’t allowed too many posters up, and everything I set up was slightly inappropriate. Frazetta’s naked girls, ripped up guys — the kids were like, ”What the hell?!” They had their Boy George posters up, I had crazy Frazetta. My mother saw I was into this comic called Heavy Metal magazine, so she got me a subscription. You could call it ”high-brow” comics, but to me, that comic book was just pretty sexy! I had a buddy who tried getting me into ”normal” comic books, but I was all like, ”No one is having sex or killing each other. This isn’t really doing it for me.” I was a little broken, that way. So when Watchmen came along, I was, ”This is more my scene.”

He was never a mainstream comics fan.

Being a Frazetta fan is great (aren’t we all?) but Heavy Metal isn’t DC, or Marvel.


Need I go on? :smile:

So he skipped all the crap and got in with the good stuff… how is that an issue?

Anyways, not gonna get into yet another debate with Snyder-haters… you can disagree with my opinion, it’s fine.



Um, :raised_hand:


I hope it’s Aquababy.


Bill Finger’s name. It was first used in Batman #1 in 1940.


Ha about 20 minutes after I made that post I thought “I should have said ‘popularized in the 80s’ shouldn’t I?”




I think there’s probably a happy medium between Super Friends and the dreary, cold hopelessness that seemed to drive the DCEU.



JLU: good…

Super Friends… eh… no.


Her current movie, which doesn’t have a release date, or even distribution AFAIK:


WB is just giving these away now.