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That’s not how I remember it …


It seems like Marvel put a lot of work into Thanos, where Steppenwolf looked like he was thrown together with like, weeks to spare.

Gollum was cgi, and his being so didn’t distract from the story, because time and effort were put into making him look better than the Scorpion King. I assume the same principle is being applied to Thanos.


I don’t give a shit if a character is CGI. It’s something that’s only commented on when it’s bad, nobody moans the orangutan in Planet of the Apes is CGI because it’s amazing, same with Gollum.

Steppenwolf’s issue is he had no charisma, which to be fair is a problem for a lot of Marvel villains too, you could pretty much swap him out with Ronan and neither film would have changed significantly.


I didn’t think Steppenwolf looked that bad.
He looked not-realistic, but he didn’t look as badly rendered as people make out.


Respectfully, he looked like shit.


John Cena should have been Steppenwolf.


John Cena should be Kalibak, not even joking.


What makes you think I was joking?


Oh, just that I wasn’t.


Kingdom Come, one of the seminal and most influential DC stories, would like to have a word with you… There are plenty others too… If it’s good, it works, not that difficult.


I don’t even remember what Steppenwolf looked like…which may be a problem of itself.


I didn’t really have an issue with the way Steppenwolf looked. Black Panther had far dodgier CGI in a lot of places. But BP was a much more complete and satisfying movie. JL gets lambasted more than other comic movies because it felt like it was hashed together. Which is was. It had a few cool moments, but it was a mess.



The CGI on that sucks!


But if you squeezed his legs together, his right arm would move the axe in a chopping motion.

(I had that action figure. I think he was part of a mail-in promotion at the time.)


However, how many people read Kingdom Cone compared to Byrne’s MAN OF STEEL and SUPERMAN series? That period of DC was tailored to a relatively small audience of adult longtime readers. It certainly wouldn’t provide a model for people unfamiliar with the comics and their history.

And it wouldn’t be a movie parents would take their kids to see.


Kingdom Come was also a direct criticism of the grim and violent trend in comics at the time, which Snyder’s films wholeheartedly embraced.


Essentially it’s the absence of a wholeheartedly positive, exciting and fun experience that WBs DC films suffer even though DC has managed it in their television shows and cartoons. Now, they seem to have done it in their DC rebirth launch as well.

I think Marvel films aren’t really designed for little kids, but they certainly don’t discourage parents from taking them. However, I think Snyder’s DC and even Nolan’s Batman actively abandon any idea of a child audience which is crazy considering the history of the comics and where they’ve really made money (including toys).


Oh probably A LOT more people… I never read Byrne’s Supes… I sure as hell read KC. Just the Alex Ross art made it a must read for more than a decade, even for non-DC fans…