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cause theyr going with something more like this…

it’s REALLY similar to this cartoon version…


… In the Teen Titans Go! movie (so you don’t have to click on the link).


The picture kind of gives it away. :rofl:



It’s tiny on my phone so I didn’t know if that would be enough.




oh my god


Yeah it’s great she got a $100 million plus budget. But the reviews haven’t exactly been great. Doesn’t get me excited to see her take on a big concept like the New Gods.


It’s a hard film to make though, said to be unfilmable.


Not because of Ava Duvernay.

But the fact that it’s a movie.


I’d like it to be Scott’s escape, but I know in my heart it’ll be him (and probably barda) on earth.

I don’t even dream that it would be about Orion.


Honestly, the best way to make a single movie about The New Gods would be to use The Pact, Young Scott Free stories, Himon, and then Mister Miracle #1 and New Gods #1.

That’d be my outline of stuff to pull from.

Do a whole duality of brothers and nature vs. nurture thing with Scott and Orion.


I have a feeling it’s going to center on Scott and Barda and that Orion will be more or less excised from it, or be a supporting character or force that finds him.

Guessing it’ll be about those two, on earth, and them being tracked down or something by Apokolips and having to escape from that.


I wouldn’t mind.
Just call it Mister Miracle and it’s a done deal.


Kind of a modified version of the first Thor movie?


You giving me nightmare scenarios here.


Yeah, but, like, they’ve been there a while, they’re living their idyllic life.

Like Mr. And Mrs. Smith. + Thor.

Anyway, I hope I’m wrong, that it’s good and inventive and strange and mad, just absolutely mad. But I suspect it would be harder to make that movie, because that movie makes even Star Wars seem small.


Kind of surprising to see WB go there after the less than stellar reception to A Wrinkle In Time. We’ll see if it actually sees the light of day. Fingers crossed that they can deliver something cool.


Looks like I’ll have to read the New Gods comics now. Is that misprinted doorstop of a tome a collection of the entire thing?

Has anybody here seen A Wrinkle in Time?


Tomatometer at 41%, Audience at 35% - it’s a dog.


I think for a Mister Miracle movie it should be more that they’re both fresh faced on Earth.
Set the movie around The Paranoid Pill with dual/or/combined Lump/Bedlam.

I can see that working.