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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


I seem to recall everyone complaining about every superhero costume when they’re captured in non publicity shots and then raving about them when they see the movie.

Personally I’m stoked for this movie. He looks the part, even with the padding.


The padding reminds me of Conan as a superhero.

Is Shazam part of the same universe as Man of Steel etc.? I think it is going to be very hard to get the tone right. The costume isn’t great but not awful. I don’t like that they went with that kind of “netting” pattern that a lot of costumes seem to have.


Yeah I’m kinda puzzled by the reactions in here… I thought you people knew better =/

Also, it’s really CB accurate, isn’t that a good thing? Should we go back to leather suits?

Most modern costumes do because otherwise they do look like cosplays and very silly… Also I suspect they catch light a lot better than plain clothes…


Captain Marvel has to look a little silly though. He’s a kid and a magical character. He’s closer to Elsa than he is to Batman.




18 months back I got insider information that WB had written off Wonder Woman as a complete disaster, it was a big commercial and critical hit, so I take that kind of thing with a family sized packet of salt. :wink:


WB have demonstrated enough times now that they don’t know what’s going to be a bomb or a hit until the public tells them.


I think I’ve heard rumors about every single DC movie since MoS that WB is writing them off as a failure. Granted, outside of Wonder Woman, I’ve thought the end product for all their movie have been pretty messy. But outside of Justice League, they’ve all performed pretty well.


Just not as well as was expected or hoped for.





The last great hit Warner Brothers had was Animaniacs.


Which they’re currently in the process of bring back!



Actually it was ‘IT’, since New Line is part of Warners. ‘Dunkirk’ did well for them too.

‘IT’ was probably as a big a surprise for them as it was for everyone else, ‘Dunkirk’ was a bet on Chris Nolan, and he’d earned their trust. It wasn’t a billion dollar movie though.

They lack the big wins that power a lot of the industry. At least they do for now anyway, everything changes as time goes on.



Is that Turbo Man from Jingle All The Way?


It does look a bit like a home-made costume, but as others have said, you can’t tell how it will look on screen from this kind of photo.

Also, this is a kids movie, right? I could see this kind of costume working in that. He’s the superhero fantasy straight out of the old movies or something. 's the only way he’ll fit into the DC universe anyway.


It looks like a red version of the MoS costume… I really don’t see the “home-made” angle =/

I think the problem is that red is a really shitty color for screens, and it actually looks plain in these pictures, but I’m sure once they do the color & lighting corrections in post it’ll look fine.


It’s not home made. No-one made all that gold/brass work at home unless they’re running a metalworking business from their garage.

It’s old school, retro, vintage and (by the time it reaches the screen) magical.

We hope.


I think it looks awesome. It’s really cool to see an actual four-color superhero costume on the screen.


I’m not sure why they needed to change the classic costume, but it’s not too bad. Apart from the little hood, that’s just silly.