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The horror… the horror… the horror…

Honestly (I’ve used the word “seriously” too much, I think - none of this is serious, is it?), I have to admit that as much as I’ve actively disliked the DC movies since Man of Steel, I have felt much more strongly dissatisfied or displeased by the DC movies - specifically Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League - than I have enjoyed any Marvel Movie in that same period.

To avoid using phrases “at hear” or “essentially”, I think Warner Brothers actually has the upper hand when it comes to superheroes. Marvel was desperate when it made the Iron Man “Hail Mary.” It really had a lesser appeal with that character, but it worked so it went forward with it to The Avengers and more power to it. I’m glad they are doing so well.

However, even with the much maligned “Aquaman” - so ably satirized in such things as HBO’s Entourage and so on - the DC heroes are real myths. Marvel’s most mythic character is not THOR but SPIDER-MAN and they don’t even own that one outright. Honestly, the next two most mythic before Thor are The Hulk (really, Heracles) and Fantastic Four (the Four Elements) and those are both partially owned by Universal and Sony.

As much as I was not “amused” by the DC movies, I think I appreciated the possibility that they could be films that eclipse or escape their genre trap. Honestly, Man of Steel gave me the mirage that the Authority or a film at the level of The Authority could actually be made.



Is the Aquaman movie maligned? I haven’t been following closely but I haven’t heard anything about that.


I honestly have no idea how a Flashpoint movie would ever get made. It would be like expecting someone to get excited about a remake of the Monkees movie HEAD.

I would really expect someone to remake Monty Python’s THE MEANING OF LIFE before FLASH F-ing! POINT.

As you might expect, the expectations are so low for a “waterman” movie, that people are actually surprised an innately charismatic star and talented director delivered an exceptionally entertaining piece of popcorn fiction.

Wow! Who knew that if you gave real professionals a bit of straightforward pulp fiction, they’d give you a damn good time at the movies?

Oh, wait… like everyone in the pre-code era of the 30’s, that was a given.

Man, those Tarzan movies really bring me back to my childhood. I loved them soooo much!


'Aquaman’s not out until December, so that’s a premature use of “delivered”. :baby:


Okay okay, you’re the expert.

But maybe you will accept the idea that the odds favor this combination with a known property more than an unknown… perhaps?


I think James Wan is more likely to please the crowd with this movie.

Aquaman himself is a totally re-invented version of the character; underwater/biker/hippy/surfer/Conan, so “known” is up for debate too.

I thought Momoa was a highlight in Justice League though.



As much as people love to express disappointment with Justice League, the film successfully(or adequately) set up spin offs for Aquaman, Flash and Batman.

Wonder Woman and the Kryptonian have enough cachet to make their own way and honestly The Dark knight needs no pump priming, but the waters have been a little muddled by using him for an entry point to a shared universe.

Gotham is its own world, in my opinion. Bats is hardly the natural vanguard for a superhuman hero universe.

He’s not Super-human is he?


Bruce is a man who has a genius level intellect, beyond-olympic level athleticism and more money than god.

But in the company of people who can fly or fire laser beams from their eyes, it’s his awareness of his limitation that should define him.

He should win against stronger entities by outsmarting them. They would think it was a straight fight, but he’s being sneaky.

It’s like the question of who wins; a ninja or a samurai?

The samurai is a better swordsman, but the ninja wins by sneaking into the samurai’s castle the night before and poisoning him in his sleep.



That looks pretty good, not gonna lie… the costume is really nice. Not a fan of that flashy red, but I’m not surprised after the complains about colors.

Also, I know the costume probably has extra padding inside, but damn it still looks like Levy got super jacked for the role (his face is super squared) :smile:


That does not look good to me at all. It looks like some guy in a bad Halloween costume.


My only complaint is that the half cape doesn’t work with the hood. If they were going to go with the hood, then go full cape.

Other than that…oooh, shiiney


I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I fear the DC movie universe is going down the dumps. I hope Shazam is going to be good, but I sincerely doubt it. I have the same feeling about Aquaman.


At least I got Man of Steel. They can’t take that away from me.


Same. Simply because of the director. I don’t think he’s done anything really entertaining.
But the cast is good and the source material is very good. Fingers crossed.


That’s a Thanksgiving Day float in the making! They don’t even have to make him all lumpy like Spidey - he’s already lumpy.

And lookit the hoodie!

I’m with @Todd.


I saw a blind item that basically said WB thinks they have another bomb on their with Shazam.


Ah, that’s a shame then.

The kids look great.