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Pretty much exactly the experience of my boy’s birthday party this past weekend.


I know several folks who’s given name is “Robin”. That doesn’t make them Batman’s Robin. To be that, I would kind of expect you to wear a costume, call yourself “Robin”, not put the name “Robin” on your birth certificate, and, you know, generally act like Robin.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character’s middle name was a bizarrely random line that had no meaning within the context of the movie. An easter egg at best, and a clumsy one at that.


The scene would have played better if his middle name was Dick.


Yes, it was really weird them calling Batman’s orphaned crime-fighting protégé Robin.


It was just a coincidence I think. The original script had him called Nigel but they changed it because the nephew of the key grip was called Robin. Crazy eh?


It’s weird that Batman’s protege is called Robin in the first place. Kind of kills the fear gimmick Bruce was going for to name yourself after a cute, tiny bird associated with Christmas. Did a robin burst through Dick’s window one night and give him a little fright?


Wasn’t John Blake’s legal name Robin Blake? Didn’t think it was his middle name but his first he didn’t want to use.


And they were making plans for Nigel, should a fourth movie have been made.


The Dark Nigel Returns


Nigel Begins.


And if Dark Nigel says he’s happy?


Dark Nigel’s whole future is as good as



Robin, as in Hood, not as in the bird.


This… the concept of “Batman & Robin” is still ingrained in the general pop culture… I’d bet even the “na na na na na na na na Batmaaaan” tune still is =P

But most people are aware that Batman & Robin is a thing that exists, I think… even today and yes even kids (Batman slapping Robin memes are still very much alive these days, so that’s plenty of evidence for me).



Reading this properly, the following bit is generating some buzz online;


In addition, a cloud looms over Warner Bros. because of the lawsuit by the Department of Justice against AT&T’s $85 billion bid to buy studio parent company Time Warner.

If the merger fails, an individual close to the company told TheWrap that Time Warner would likely be broken up into parts and sold separately as Warner Bros., HBO and Turner — leaving the fate of DC Comics a bit up in the air.*

Imagine if Disney bought the DC characters…


Marvel were offered the license at one point.


That was 30 years ago though right?

It’s a bit different now…