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Some of the Fleischer cartoons are included on the big Blu-Ray boxset of Superman 1-4 and Returns that was released some years back.


I can’t believe it’s me saying this, but Robin is too old for the audience to remember. Batman and Robin
was 20 years ago, most of the audience for a Nightwing movie won’t have been born then. And who watches old movies from before they were born??? As for the TV series… forget it, that’s what granddad watched.

Admittedly I don’t have much sense of how much geek culture has a wider penetration beyond geeks, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a survey of high-schoolers found that >50% couldn’t name Batman’s partner (and I mean couldn’t name “Robin”, not couldn’t name “Dick Grayson”).


But what of…Teen Titans Go?


Robin is part of pop culture.

Batman and Robin, the concept, is like people who’ve never seen Star Trek but still know what 'Beam Me Up Scotty!" means.

That doesn’t mean there’s a huge audience for his story, but no-one has to worry about explaining that Robin used to be Batman’s sidekick.


Did anyone do this? I would be fascinated to hear the results. (I would do it myself, but I’m rarely in the office in person these days.)


She could have tweeted that at any point over the last 20 years and it would have been true :slight_smile:


Which every kid watches, ask any parent of cartoon watching age here, me, Dave, Will. It’s massive and Robin is the main character. It’s like saying in 1986 nobody knows who He-Man is.

It’s important that in trying to reflect what the public are into it doesn’t really just reflect our own experience, especially now when media is wider and split into more channels. They don’t show cartoons on BBC1 any more as one of 3 or 4 choices, the kids have dedicated stations now which most adults, apart from parents of small children, completely ignore exist.


Robin was in The Dark Knight Rises, you know.


No he wasn’t.


Yes he was


Yep, Robin is well known. Every kid knows Teen Titans Go.

Just anecdotal evidence, but my son attended a birthday party about a year ago at a big, indoor jungle gym/playground for kids. Enormous. Tons of kids and parents there. Music from Disney movies and other kids movies is playing in the background. “The Night Begins to Shine” started playing and all the kids went wild, singing along to it, as did most of the parents.


No he wasn’t.


Yup and that’s all the kids in school are signing way over here in Malaysia.


Ok, I stand corrected, every kid knows Robin.

But Lorcan’s still wrong about The Dark Knight Rises :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ve heard that song so many times my wife even knows the lyrics.


What does he say about DKR?





He was. The lady clearly says John Blake’s middle name is Robin.

But Blake doesn’t become the superhero Robin at the end, he becomes the new Batman. That’s clear.


He was though