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Who doesn’t love Dick?



Even the statements from his wife, who was obviously deeply hurt and angry, didn’t say anything about casting couches. Just unfaithfulness.

As Steve pointed out, not a single person came forward with accusations of Whedon being improper with them in any way.

Anyway, I found it hard to picture a successful Batgirl movie, so I’m not all that sad to see Whedon off the project. I’d rather see him do an original thing again, anyway.


The majority of cinema goers do not know Robins name. Most probably have some idea that batman had a sidekick, but they won’t really know who he is or his back story.
Maybe I’m wrong, well see I guess.


Or they think it’s Chris O’Donnell.


Exactly :grinning:


Sorry, what I meant is that the Robin they know (and of course they know who Robin is, who doesn’t?) is Dick Grayson, i.e. the very first and most popular Robin… they probably don’t know that there’ve been other Robins though… but anyways, it was just to say that Dick IS the Robin most people likely know, even if they don’t know the name “Dick Grayson”.

Edit: Ugh… I still don’t think I managed to express this clearly… so I hope you get the gist :smile:


If you tell someone they’re making a Robin movie they may not get it. But if you states they’re making a movie about Batman’s sidekick Robin they’ll get it immediately.


I took Ross’ point to be that they wouldn’t know that Robin’s name is Dick Grayson (or Tim Drake, or Carrie Kelley, or whatever), so wouldn’t care which Robin it was. Not that they wouldn’t recognise Robin as a character.

I’m sure most people would know who Robin was but most probably wouldn’t have much idea of who the character was under the mask.

(Although in fairness they’d probably realise something was different if they used the Carrie Kelley version. :slight_smile: )


I think 90% of people have no idea there has been more than one robin, and I would reckon on at least 10% not really knowing who robin is.
We should try a survey. When we all go to work on Monday we should ask 20 random folks (not all men in their 30s) who Batman’s sidekick was and to say one thing about him.
It is true that batman and robin are a part of popular culture, but plenty of folks don’t give a crap about popular culture until they suddenly do.


Denny O’Neil tells a story about almost getting mobbed (his words, not mine) in a deli for killing Robin where no one realized it wasn’t Dick Grayson. :wink:


I’m not sure why it matters if people know Robin’s name or that there have been multiple Robins. Most people didn’t know anything about Black Panther or Wakanda or any of the characters in that movie, but it’s doing just fine for itself. It’s not that hard to establish who the character is (and maybe that he was the first of multiple Robins) pretty quickly in a movie. People watch movies about characters they don’t know the background of all the time. Establishing the characters and their world is just part of storytelling.


Yes. My point is that Black Panther was marketed as something interesting to people.
I can see how Shazam and batgirl could be cleverly marketed to do similar.
In the absence of any of the stuff you say people don’t need to know, Nightwing is an extremely generic superhero. Why would anyone give a crap enough to go see it.


A story about rejecting money and power and operating on principle might work, Grayson coming from a rather glove-to-mouth existence as a circus performer. (Not many circuses left.) He sees Bruce as in a constant fight for integrity against the Mighty 1%, and just cannot stomach it any longer. Not a rift between the two (been there, done that 'way too much) but Dick striking out on his own (likely in Bludhaven, if Team Arrow have not blown it up yet) and striving to “make a difference”.

Y’know - topical.





I thought the DC animated films already did Death of Superman???


This is what happens when folks stop being able to write a proper Superman story for the screen. That, and this damnedable period of remakes we are suffering through.


I remember watching it on TV back in 1985.