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I actually think Batman Begins is the prime role model for DC universe movies. The Dark Knight is probably better, but Batman Begins accomplished everything it needed. I’d even say that Wonder Woman was just as dark as Batman Begins and Man of Steel could’ve been much more like that and have still satisfied current MOS fans as well as those who didn’t like it.


I really think we’d have a very different DCEU if Nolan’s Batman trilogy hadn’t started until after the MCU instead of before. Or, at least, if Dark Knight hadn’t come out at the same time. The massive success of that film is why Nolan had the weight to give his series a definitive ending, rather than it being used as a springboard into a connected universe of movies. DC whiffing on Green Lantern became the next nail and pretty much shows what could have happened to the MCU if Iron Man had missed the mark.


The other question becomes that after he realizes what Batman has done to him, what makes him stay a hero and not an adversary to Bruce?


You could tackle that head on by making Jason Todd’s Red Hood the villain of the piece.




That made for a good comic. I’m not sure how it would play out in the films.

Incidentally, that was supposed to play into Dick becoming a villain by the DK2 timeframe but it never got explored.


I feel like it explored it pretty well.
Like…it explains it 100%


Bruce even got to call Dick “Dondi” - which I found one of the funniest lines in Miller.

(“Dondi” was a depressing “comic” strip that took up room for decades.)


Coming back to this, if I were making a Nightwing movie I think the basic backstory I would want would be that Dick gave up being Robin because he was tired of the darkness and violence surrounding Batman and he just wanted to live a normal life. At 18 he goes off to college, but also volunteers as a mentor/big brother to disenfranchised youths. Jason becomes his little brother of sorts, which is how he ends up on Bruce’s radar. Bruce takes on Jason which causes a rift between him and Dick. We’d have to get most of this through flashbacks, though, since the bulk of the movie would be maybe 5 years after that. Dick has been out of the game for a while, just finishing college and working as a social worker or something. The Red Hood comes along and takes down Batman (doesn’t kill him, just puts him out of commission) which would serve as the catalyst to bring Dick back into the fold. After that it’s about confronting the failure he felt with Jason get and his fears of becoming as dark and obsessed as Bruce. So yeah, while Nightwing is kind of an odd choice I do think there could be a really good movie there.


Dondi was turned into a Hollywood film in the early 60s starring David Janssen and Patti Page. It was almost as interesting as the comic strip.


I’d disagree with that… I think he’s a great writter but a pretty mediocre director. In all honesty, I think A1 was the exception to the rule, and much like A2 and a lot of the MCU movies, there’s a whole machinery in place to make these movies, so it was never all Whedon.

At any rate, I’ve never been super excited after watching anything directed by whedon (with the exception of A1, but that was more because of the occasion) and his track record is shaky at best, both in TV and movies (as a director, again, as a writter he is rather good… or was).


You have no idea how delighted I am that I missed that! The only thing nearly as depressing was Little Orphan Annie. The lack of eyeballs still has me a bit freaked!


Obviously, the real villain will turn out to be Alfred. Not in the “I planned it all along” way, but in the “I actually detest these spoiled brats with their money, privilege and youth, so I will quite simply enable and subtly encourage all of their self-destructive, anti-social, narcissistic and violent tendencies that will in the end completely ruin their lives and rob them of any chance of happiness” way.


Ah. Gotham By Gaslighting.


I just don’t get how any of these concepts for a nightwing movie are commercially successful though.
We’d love them, but there is so much backstory and context that needs to be rammed in as flashback, that I can’t see how it is coherent or engaging for Joe Public.
I’d love to be proved wrong, but I’m struggling to see how it would work.
In contrast - Big, but the kid turns into superman instead of a corporate suit, or girl batman. Those have mass appeal.


You could’ve said the same thing about Creed. Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son recruits an aging Rocky Balboa to help him beat the world champion. Creed hadn’t been in the movies for 30 years. His son never was in the movies. But it turned out great because it had a simple story.

Essentially, the pitch is that Robin leaves Batman to become his own hero. Everyone knows who Robin is even if he hasn’t shown up in the movies in 20 years. He’s certainly been a big part of the comics and the cartoons. He is pretty much the most well known sidekick since Tonto.

All they need to do is come up with a good story and tight production to deliver it.


Yeah I don’t see any problem in regards to Nightwing… you just need to mention he used to be Robin… that’s more than enough for people to know who he is… and chances are they’ll know it’s Dick because he’s the most famous Robin anyways…


How’s this for a tagline:

He’s not a Boy Wonder anymore.


Theme songs - Opening credits would be “Wonderboy” by Tenacious D and end credits would be Citizen Dick’s “Touch Me, I’m Dick”


Let’s get right to it.

“Have Some Dick”.