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Good, those alleged letters were creepy.



I’m a fan so this isn’t great news for me, but all characters are bigger than a single writer/director.

So let’s see who they go after next?


On the one hand, I’d be kind of surprised to see WB move forward with Batgirl without Whedon (because they’ve got no real direction right now and I wouldn’t imagine Batgirl is a huge priority). On the other, Wonder Woman was a huge hit and there are plenty of great women writers and directors out there that it might be in their best interest to keep it alive and go after one of them. I say go a completely unexpected route and give me a Batgirl movie in the vein of the old 60s Batman show, but make it a musical and have Rachel Bloom write the damn thing. Sure, I might be the only one who goes to see it. But I’m okay with that.


There are plenty of hugely talented women writers and directors out there. This could be a wonderful film,

My concern is only in WB’s ability to pick someone.

But they got it right with ‘Wonder Woman’.

So I am (cautiously) optimistic that they’ll find the right combination of people to deliver a real great film.


Continuing your vein of optimism, perhaps Wonder Woman and Black Panther will have a positive effect on them by showing what can be achieved with people who care about the subject matter.


Going for Batgirl, Nightwing and Shazam! would be an interesting direction for the movies. It’s at least a little distinctive to focus films on characters who are the second wave of heroes coming up in a world that already has icons established in its world.


I can see how Shazam and Batgirl could work, stand out as something different and sell some tickets.
Night wing, I don’t quite get. Most of his appeal is his back story and connection to the broader DCU, and his kind of role as a counterpoint to Batman.
As a standalone character, for movie goers that lack that understanding of who he is, it feels like he would be generic.


I’ve been expecting this for a while.

Justice League underperforming was one big hit against Whedon, and the #MeToo thing could also become pretty explosive for him at any given moment.


When I read this Blind Gossip item, my first thought was Whedon:


I am still thoroughly shocked that the casting couchy claims his ex-wife made didn’t become bigger



It’s obviously Whedon. “We do not know who is up at bat to replace him,”? Bat. Get it?

As for why his ex-wife’s accusations didn’t become a bigger deal; no-one came forward. No-one except her accused him of anything.

People don’t get fired because their ex hates them. There needs to be more fire to go with that smoke.


The problem was less about DC films being the “auteur” superhero movies, and more about Zack Snyder being the lone auteur (or, for some, his being one of them at all) within a shared universe with a range of characters. I think if they’d gotten a different series off the ground post-Man of Steel (an Edgar Wright Flash, or something) or if Campbell’s Green Lantern had worked their DCEU would be in much better shape, in terms of public perception. Then you bring in someone like JJ Abrams or Brad Bird to do the big Justice League movie bringing them all together.

Instead, you had a Snyder’s aesthetic and voice all over the series. I like Snyder (despite having some problems with BvS) and I loved Man of Steel, but the idea of that spilling over onto Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, etc., was unappealing.


I feel like there’s less need for Whedon now that every single movie sounds like he wrote it.

He is underrated as a director though. I still think the Avengers films are the best directed Marvel films.


It’s on the list, so I think they have a plan for it. Unless it gets cancelled.

I think it could be at the level of The Dark Knight if they took it seriously. In a lot of ways, the fact that we haven’t seen Robin in so long is a good thing. There is nothing to play against.

Instead, the movie’s hero would have much the same challenge as the movie itself - defining Nightwing. You have a hero moving out of the shadow of a much more extreme, famous, intense and iconic mentor.

Also, I’d play up the inherent problems of basically taking a traumatized kid and turning him into a brainwashed child soldier for Batman’s personal war on crime. In some ways, Batman is always fighting his parents’ murderer when he fights against the villains of Gotham, but for Nightwing, I think he is actually fighting “Batman” when he goes after criminals.


I think it’s unlikely that new, less grim Warner Bros would go for that.


I’m not sure much of anyone is up for Johnny’s level of nihilism in films. :wink:


But you know… for kids!



I want to see the films from the universe where they are.