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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Yes, I don’t get the sense that there’s any kind of vision behind the DC films other than trying to replicate the MCU’s success. But the thing they can’t grasp is that the MCU has been meticulously planned. It’s obvious to anyone paying attention to the Marvel films, but Warners thinks they can just churn out movies based on DC properties and get the same thing. It’s like they’re trying juggle what fans respond to, the egos of their stars and directors, and the properties they want to push, while watching Marvel out of the corner of their eye.


Those early Cyborg bits were the best part of the movie.
I’d have loved to have seen the full Football bit.


Yeah, WB’s plan seems akin to a chicken running around after its head has been cut off. We might all end up getting a decent meal once it’s stopped, but in the meantime it’s just a mess. They want Suicide Squad 2 and maybe a Harley Quinn solo movie and/or maybe a Harley Quin & Joker movie or maybe a Gotham Sirens movie and how about a Joker solo movie that’s not connected to Suicide Squad. Then there’s Flashpoint that they might use to recast Batman. And I don’t remember what else has been tossed around. We might actually see some of these at some point, but as of now it’s still unclear which we’ll see.


I think you’re right. However, there is obviously much more material that he shot that was not included just by evidence of what has been shown in trailers.


Yeah, and much of the “unfinished” scenes and clips have surfaced.

It’s bittersweet though. We know it exists, that subplots and such were filmed, but unless WB feels like sinking a few millions more - it’ll stay bare.


Donner got his cut of Superman II. So there’s always hope. :wink:


that looks like Rat Queens, I love that book but I am reading it in trade.


There’s plenty for a “deleted scenes” section on a BluRay. Some of those will be alternate versions of scenes rather than omitted scenes.

But because it was an ongoing process, the only way to assemble a new cut that wasn’t some kind of a Frankenstein, they’d have to start filming again, to connect the dots, and we all know that wont happen.

Someone might do a good book or even a documentary on this period at some point, but not until those involved feel able to speak, despite career concerns and even NDA’s.


I think initially they tried to replicate the Dark Knight trilogy’s success. Whatever anyone thinks of Snyder that didn’t work as well commercially with him at the helm.

After that I think they drove straight into the MCU model, dumping Man of Steel two and going for multiple characters and that hasn’t worked either.

Wonder Woman did work very well for them and now they seem to be more about the standalone stuff. Their approach always seems to be very reactive. No punching in Superman Returns, have an hour of punching in Man of Steel, no consequences to the violence, make that the theme of the next film, no jokes in that film, draft in Joss Whedon for one-liners.


Yes I think you are exactly right. I was thinking of posting the same thing.

Edit: and to be fair as the only two companies that own this kind of prominent shared superhero property, Marvel and DC have a very long history of copying what works for the other company, often to diminishing returns. None of this is really new.


When it comes to the big screen it’s a bit different. We all know that Marvel films basically invented the modern superhero movie with Blade and X-Men, by taking the characters seriously and slapping black rubber all over them.


And so it is. I’m hoping they do a OHC2.



As I said in the DCTV thread - so cool.


No I’ve come to believe there will never be a JL Snyder cut… there is probably A LOT of footage that was filmed, but it would take a lot of money to make it into a proper movie… and more importantly, what would be the point? It was originally supposed to be JL part 1… so even if we got that, we’ll obviously never get part 2…

So it’s honestly just pointless… as much as it pains me, it’s just better to accept that they screwed the pooch royally and move on…

I might still go watch Aquaman because I’m really interested in the technical aspects of how they filmed that movie and how it’ll end up looking… but beyond that, I think I’m done with the DCU… I think it’s clear they have no idea of what they’re doing or what they even want, so it seems like a waste of time if it’s only going to be a bunch of reactionnary films with no proper vision behind them.

But hey I’ll be lurking in the corner waiting for people to realise that Snyder was actually a good thing and that those movies were actually good, so I can tell them “told you so” :stuck_out_tongue:


That article makes a pretty interesting point when it says that his trademark speed-ramping effect is the closest experience that live-action can come to reading comic panels, speeding through the moments in-between and slowing down for the big moments. It’s a neat observation.
Whatever Snyder does next (I know he dropped a short film on a budding platform fairly recently) I’ll be excited to see it.


A lot of people seem to roll their eyes at Snyder’s slo-mo sequences, but to me that’s one of the best things about his directing. I hadn’t thought about it simulating the comic reading experience, but it’s actually true, and maybe (sub-consciously) why I like the technique.



It’s all relative.


Yeah that’s in part why I posted it… I’ve always loved his visuals, obviously, by had never really tought about them in that particular way, and yes it does make a lot of sense when you think about it… th article has some pretty good observations.

I think I’m gonna re-watch Watchmen with that perspective in mind… I already like the movie, mind you, but maybe it’ll be interesting watching it throught that lense.

I wonder if Moore ever saw it… :thinking: Probably not, and it’s kind of a shame, I wonder if he’d be able to get something out of it that we might haven’t even noticed.