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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Well, that’s unfortunate… You know what movie he should direct though if he doesn’t wabt batman, maybe he could direct the question movie… I’d be down for that…


I know nostalgia is a big thing with us old-farts… but I seriously hate every single thing in that image :smile:


Now you’re just being deliberately controversial :wink:


No, I really do. Funny thing is, I remember watching it every night as a kid, but I also remember mostly liking the animated intro… I kinda zoned out after that :smile:

You have no idea how frickin bananas I went when I saw the Burton suit and movie =P


I have no idea why anyone would think Affleck could be anyone’s version of RDJ. He’s a fine actor, and a better filmmaker, but he’s not very likable onscreen. I still really only see him as the jackass in Dazed & Confused or the douche in Mallrats. He plays those roles very well.

WB needs their Kevin Feige to get their movieverse to work. Because while they’ve shown flashes of promise, their movies have been all over the place in terms of quality and cohesion.


She’ll be fighting off James Franco a lot.

I’m not sure what will happen once the cameras start rolling though…


Care to share whatever the hell it means?


I would but I DGAF.


The internet says fuck you.

Just looked it up. And it’s utter crap, anyone prefacing a statement with that shit needs it returned to them ten-fold.




This. They haven’t even estabilished their main players and the basics of their universe well with general audiences and they already want to confuse them even more with Elseworlds and such. I don’t think this is a good idea. They should be focusing on building whatever’s left of good will in the audience before even thinking of trying anything like that.



I could see it if he goes back to his lithe and gangly self he used to be before.



“Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”

  • George Armstrong Custer (deceased)



Yep, we should be sorry… if WW and JL are any indication, the DC movies are headed the way of copy-cat mediocrity.


Great article. Thanks for the share, Jon.

I agree that Snyder offered a great counterpoint to Marvel’s films. I wish there was more room for distinct voices that said interesting things even though they could sometimes be a little messy. As a Superman fan, Man of Steel remains one of my favorites of all time and I really enjoyed Batman v Superman especially the extended cut. I would love to watch a Snyder cut of Justice League someday but am at least glad we got the previous two.

Ironically, Snyder’s version of Justice League was supposed to focus much more heavily on Cyborg. That origin subplot seemed to be almost lost amidst the shorter cut.


Everything I’ve heard says that there is no Snyder cut, the rewriting began before the first day of filming and carried on from there.

WB (IMHO) lack a clear vision of what they want beyond “hit films”. They’re not planning their slate in an ongoing way, just reacting to each film’s reception as it’s released. They’re on the backfoot the whole time.

But the simple fact is that the Snyder lead approach wasn’t cost effective and WB are not a charity. Whatever they do it has to make them money, that’s show business.