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I know, I was just messing with people who haven’t read it but click on spoilers anyway :wink:


Ah okay. I haven’t read the comic in a while so I just uncertain enough that I thought I might be misremembering.


WB shouldn’t be worried because maybe Gal Gadot is the RDJ of the DC Cinematic Universe… :wink:


It’s kind of surprising (as in “fuckin idiotic”) that WB would’ve expected Batman to become Iron Man in the first place… shows how much they’re clueless I supose…


Batman is a huge part of pop culture. It’s not unreasonable for Warners to expect him to be the leading character in extended universe.

I still think Affleck is good casting and I still hope he gets one good film as the character before he moves on.


I feel the same way about Eisenberg Lex.
I don’t want to see him go before we get the Legion of Doom.


Although, if he really really does want out of the batman role, it’d be cool to see him direct a batman movie starring a new actor in the role… Maybe gyllenhaal??


He’s already stepped down from directing the character’s next film unfortunately, and it’s strongly rumoured he wont star in it either.


She was already in a Batman movie


As a supporting character, not starring.


Just saying, some people might get confused


Yeah sure, but Batman is not IM in the sense that one is fun and cray-cray and the other is bleak and dark… They can’t expect ANY actor playing Batman to be their “RDJ”, unless they go with a “funny” Batman, and none wants that.

Also: RDJ just happened, it wasn’t forced or planned. That’s a pretty crazy expectation to have any way you look at ti.

My point being that if that indeed is the "feeling"at WB (and it’s probably just clickbait, bit IF it is), well then they’re stupid. They should work with what they have… or had, I suppose =/

Edit: Also, since the article specifically talks about Affleck/RDJ… let’s be honest, I like Affleck and I LOVE Affleck’s Batman… but Affleck is a charisma blackhole… the opposite of RDJ, so that expectation was just foolish form the get go.


I guess those are the same people who can’t understand why Captain America isn’t hanging out with the Fantastic Four anymore or why Deadpool doesn’t use his green power ring anymore?



So is it confirmed Maggie Gyllenhall is the new Batman?


Series 2 of The Deuce is going to be wild





The Warner problem, in a nutshell.


She’s a pretty good actress so she probably can pull it off… :laughing: jake gyllenhaal would also be a good batman…


this is one of the few times I agree with you on bringing back something old.