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Pretty sad if true but I wouldn’t be too surprised.


Ya, it’s kind of a jackass move by WB if that’s true and a asshole move by Dickey either way.


The guy that leaked this is an asshole.


The rumor doesn’t really pass the smell test and is kind of icky to even discuss. What’s done is done, the movie has come and gone and failed, and Snyder is done with the property.


I concur with him being a douche.
Even if it’s true, dropping it like that is just a sad plea for notoriety.


It’s some asshole making a flame out from his previous job. I looked through his twitter and it’s full of shit like this where he’s “being real” now or some shit.


Hopefully this makes him cancer and his career ends up in ruins.


I don’t think he’s really thought about how this makes him look?

So he’s the first to say out loud what others have been hinting for months, but people still have a ton of sympathy for Snyder and his family.

It’s not an “exclusive” anyone needs right now. He’s just being an asshole dropping this.


There’s a whole stream of this on his Twitter. He says it’s because he’s in “DGAF” mode. I think he’s looking for sympathy Jerry Maguire style. Hopefully, all he finds is that he’s now a pariah.


So he’s finding out that people DGAF about him now? :wink:


I’m hoping it’s the start of his redemption story. He realises how badly he misjudged this, and why (it was a bad thing to do) and he learns from it.



One of the site he talks about admiring is TMZ though. So it’s likely that he thinks this is real journalism and he’s been edited all this time.

I do honestly hope he wakes up from this and changes direction. That’s better for everyone.



Reminds me - has anyone seen Gotham By Gaslight? Came out last week.


I hadn’t seen that before. I had to start with the F and work backwards to figure it out.


yeah it took me a little bit to figure it out as well… and I keep using silly acronyms… :smile:


Watched it on YouTube in segments. Who Jack the Ripper turns out to be in this version may shock you.


Is it the same as the comic where it’s Alfred?


I need to double check but I’m pretty sure that’s not who it is in the comic. Its one of Thomas Waynes’ doctor friends who was obsessed with Martha.