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He should be Desaad.


DC needs to slow their roll and actually get people to enjoy more than one of their movies before going all in on multiple Joker projects.


I’m actually sick of the Joker and wish they would move on in the comics and film/TV.


Amen to that.


Move on… to Lobo?!

Bay reportedly offered some notes on the Lobo script by Jason Fuchs, who previously worked on WB’s Wonder Woman (and Pan; never forget Pan). Fuchs will implement those notes and if the mighty Bay is pleased, he might just direct the movie himself. It would be an interesting change of pace for the director of films like Transformers and Armageddon, whose bombastic approach has become so well-known that he had a special camera named after him (the “Bayhem”).


Yes, please.


Michael Bay? Lobo?

Just have Pain and Gain set in space and give it more of a merc feel. Done deal.


A Michael Bay Lobo movie would be an incredible vehicle for the Rock, if he wanted to go there.


I’m sick of joker in the comics. But I want to see him in the movies.


Yeah, he’s perfect for Lobo. I can see him having his own Guardians type franchise. Much better than Black Adam.


I don’t know who I would cast for Lobo.

Twenty, twenty-five years ago, I would have said Bruce Willis.

The Rock… I don’t quite see it. He doesn’t seem to have the right manic edge to him.

Ideally, I would see movie Lobo as the equivalent of movie Deadpool. An unhinged, vulgar, fourth-wall breaking imp.


Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman is a pretty decent impression of Lobo. Honestly I’d give it to an upcoming wrestler and teach them how to act.


Think I’ve got the perfect wrestler:



Does anybody have any idea what that psychobabble means?


Elseworlds: the movies!



Why didn’t they just say so? :roll_eyes:


I guess if they had said, "Our new idea is to make a bunch of unconnection movies about different charatcers THE SAME AS EVERYBODY HAS ALWAYS DONE INCLUDING US " then it wouldn’t sound as clever.


Now you’re on the trolley!


The whole shared universe thing has proved tough of course, so going back to standalone films is probably for the best. I know they haven’t said that the shared universe is officially dead, but then they wouldn’t. They’d just phase them out over time.