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This part of the article must be tongue in cheek, right?


It is a shame about about the rock. He’s been pulling for it for over a decade now.

But this sounds so fun and hopefully in a sequel.


It always seemed a little daft to me to cast for a film that was planned 5 years ahead and had no script or director.


I always thought he was wrong for Black Adam but I know the internet was excited by him doing it.


I agree, it seemed really odd that they announced their villain before their hero.

But having a star attached can keep a project alive for a while. With the whole of the DC universe to choose from, it takes something to make any particular character stand out from the crowd.

Every time they went into a meeting to get more money for the next writer (I’m sure it’s been the usual revolving door of people doing draft after draft) they could remind the Warner Bros brass that they had Johnson attached.

There are going have been people who put their kids through college on this movie already.


No doubt hoping that having someone of his caliber on board brings A list writers and director.


Me too.
Maybe back in his starting out days it would have worked better. But 14 years later? Nah.

Still a shame that he was really one of the few consistent voices for this movie and it’s off without him.


I thought the whole thing was that Johnson was going to play Black Adam in a solo film about that character, not that he was appearing in Shazam.


His character in Jumanji was sort of Shazam or Superior like.


Well back in 2004 or thereabouts he was cast as Adam in “Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam!”.
The project fell into development hell and really the only one who cared was The Rock.

Then when the DCEU came into play he really started trying to get interest back in it.
It was slated back in the original DCEU slate, or the first revised one, then only last year was he then stated to be getting his own spin off.

So, it’s not unreasonable that people would assume he’d be attached to Shazam! proper given he’s been the only consistent part of it for so long.


If not him, then who?


He’s got range-ish.


Pretty sure that last year Johnson said that the It was going to be a solo film.

EDIT: a quick google search shows that he did indeed and Geoff Johns confirmed he wouldn’t be in Shazam a couple months later. The suggestion towards the end of the year was that he may show up in Suicide Squad 2 instead.


Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

Although in the last few months there’s been speculation it’ll be folded into Suicide Squad 2. Which would be weird.


He’d be an interesting Superior, actually.

Still, I really want to see him take on Doc Savage. It would be hilarious if that movie also gets made without him. Then he would become the Guillermo Del Toro of movie stars.

Personally, I agree that he is maybe not the best casting for Black Adam as the character’s developed in the comics.


I thought Shazam wasn’t the adult version, but the child’s idealized version of his father.


That’s an interesting element of Captain Marvel. I wonder if it would be the best way to make him stand out from Superman and Wonder Woman.

For a while, both Captain Marvel (or Captain Thunder, if they want to change it to one of the early ideas for the character) and Wonder Woman enjoyed more success than Superman during the Golden Age. For the big red banana, a lot of that was the fact that Billy Batson was just a kid. Batman also enjoyed a boost in popularity when he added a child sidekick. It quite obviously let the majority of the readership identify with the characters. Boys could fight crime with their cool, dark father figure or actually turn into Superman, essentially, only one who was also magic, not a space alien.

In Wonder Woman’s case, it was all about the sex and bondage. :wink:

However, I really like the idea of an orphan who’s never know his father but gets the chance to become the father he wish he had. There’s a strong theme for the character in there. For young men who are not sure how to become adults.


With the right director, yes but you only have to look at Spectre how much difference that makes.


After Quantum of Solace? Never.


[quote=“BeingHenning, post:3653, topic:7572”]
I really like the idea of an orphan who’s never know his father but gets the chance to become the father he wish he had. [/quote]

From what I understand, Billy knew his dad, but only as a four or five year old child. Shazam appears as how the 4 or 5 year old Billy imagines his dad: big, strong, powerful and confident.