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Much more likely he’d do a Hit Girl movie in that tongue in cheek tone. Eventually the smell of Kick Ass 2 is going to dissipate and he’ll be ready for a relaunch. That and maybe a Kick Ass TV show too. The response to the books coming out next year will be a good indicator about what may happen down the road.


It will be interesting to see if the new Kick-Ass does get a tv or movie out of it. I’m interested to check the books out and then hope.


I’ll never forgive Warner for fucking up Snyder’s trilogy… u_u





Bring on the Thunder Kids.





Warner Bros. Taps Walter Hamada to Oversee DC Films Production

As part of a shakeup of its DC film operations, Warner Bros. is promoting Walter Hamada to oversee its comic book movies, Variety has learned. He will serve as president of DC-based film production. In December, the studio decided to replace Jon Berg and Geoff Johns as the heads of the DC movies. Berg became a production partner with Roy Lee, the producer of “The Lego Movie” and “It,” who has a deal on the lot.

Johns remains at DC as a president and chief creative officer, but his portfolio doesn’t just involve film. He will continue to provide creative guidance into the company’s television and comic book efforts. An official announcement of Hamada’s hire, Warner Bros. said Johns will “work closely” with the new production president.

The move comes as DC is looking for more quality control of its big-screen efforts — the studio captured acclaim and box office bonanza with last summer’s “Wonder Woman,” but was savaged by critics for “Suicide Squad” and “Justice League.” There is widespread frustration over DC’s failure to match the popularity of Marvel movies.

Hamada previously served for a decade as a production executive at New Line, a division of Warner Bros. There, he helped shepherd such horror hits as “It,” “The Gallows,” and “The Conjuring” to cinemas. The executive enjoys a close relationship with director James Wan, who is directing “Aquaman” for DC, and is credited with helping expand “The Conjuring” universe by making a well-received sequel to the movie, as well as spinoffs with the “Annabelle” series. He will be leaving New Line to work for Warners, and will also oversee any other types of comic book movies that the studio produces outside of the DC canon.




Wow. Death threats? I had no idea.
What is wrong with people?


It’s a long list.



Stalkers, death threats, $2,000 to “inspect” a present… cost of being in the public eye.



Since my late-entry into all things Downton Abbey, I’m taken by Rob James-Collier and wondering how he might fare as Bats…



(Nothing against the guy, but I’m imagining his Downton Abbey character as Bruce Wayne and… ew!)



God I hope not.
These movies need to be more isolated and focused.