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I can just hear fanboys bitching about Jason Blood getting race-swapped.


They’re ok, but Swamp Thing’s look is too busy.

I’m also a fan of Dan Stevens but he wouldn’t be my first choice as John Constantine. I’m probably wrong there though, he’s an excellent actor.


I feel the same way, though. It’s hard to imagine.

I do like Ejiofor as Blood though, that’s neat casting.



To be fair, those 48 “scripts” are often for 5 minute reads; no single issue has the weight of expectation or importance as even the worst movie.


Hum… I think his demonic counterpart is more important in this case… I certainly wouldn’t mind Ejiofor on the role…

And yes Zatanna looks horrible… nothing like Zatanna actually… =/


Well, there could have been Africans in Camelot, but… :confused:


There could even have been a Camelot, but…


Its far more likely that there were black people in Britain during the Middle Ages than Camelot having really existed


But what about Africans magically bound to rhyming demons? :wink:


It’s been known to happen


Well, there are pastors who preach that hip-hop is a tool of the Devil.



I’m sure Africans were in Britain during the Roman Empire. Actually, there is some evidence that blacks in Roman Britain were actually upper class.



Archaeological research on one of the Yorkshire Museum’s best-preserved burial finds paints a picture of a cosmopolitan city, a theme explored in our Roman York gallery.

The skeleton is thought to be of a high-status, mixed-race woman from Roman York, whose story is revealed in our exhibition using real evidence and research uncovered by archaeologists.



And here’s a bit more somewhat related info: A book of Ethiopian Christian themed magic at the British Library.



Come on Uncle Dudley.


Interesting piece - contains clips from Vaughan and that Millar fellow. Probably not anything we have not discussed, but Charlie hits a different audience. Mostly about plans for the next films, and how some execs screwed the pooch.


After Cage’s performance in Kick-Ass and the live-action cartoon action of The Golden Circle, I would love to see Vaughn do an Adam West style Batman. Come on DC, let’s get this thing made!