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It made sense back in 2004 when he was first attached to the project, and he was doing stuff like Scorpion King.


Yeah, Lobo is a perfect fit for The Rock while Black Adam… could be good, but probably won’t deliver his talent for comedy which is at least half of Johnson’s appeal. Honestly, I imagine he’ll be as associated with Black Adam about as much as Zod springs to mind when you see Michael Shannon.


It’s possible that he just thought the Shazam movie had a better chance at getting made.

But yeah, if written correctly (basically like a mix of Drax and Deadpool) then Lobo could be a plum part for someone.


I always think of Zod when I remember Michael Shannon. That and his tiny role in Vanilla Sky. Look, it’s a Kurt Russell movie, so it’s important.


I always thought the Rock was the perfect choice to play Savage Dragon.


Maybe if Spawn is made and is any good then we’ll get a strong wave of alternative comic book heroes from the Image renaissance.

Savage Dragon has more than enough to sustain a few movies. Honestly I’d like to see someone with as innovative a vision on that as Verhoeven had for Robocop.


You’d think they’d fast-track Lobo after Deadpool’s success.

Because that’s what Lobo would be. It’d be DC’s Deadpool. And if they made it like that (well, somewhere between Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy, I’d imagine), they could have something.


I don’t think they can fast track anything, the studio structure doesn’t allow it. It would take a very powerful person to grab the project and force it through the system.


Also, part of the fun of Deadpool is that it has a long and successful series of films to play off in the X-Men movies.

With the current DCU, it might be a bit harder for the movies to laugh at themselves given that they’ve been less warmly received in the first place.


On the other hand, they’ve got a few second-stringers now to play Lobo off of. In fact, maybe the Lobo movie should just be the Suicide Squad sequel. Forget all the tough gangster bullshit of the first movie and go wild fun with the second one.


Did we all forget about the Aztec God talking like a cholo or something?


I tried to.


Weirdly, that was no fun at all.


That character was a big reason for the movies success. Minorities are making up a bigger portion of the movie audience, and Hispanics don’t get as much representation as they should.


Aye, and he was fantastic.


There does seem to be an abrupt decrease in “very powerful” people, though.



I wonder if Green Lantern Corps will include any of the newer human GLs like Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, or if it will be Hal, maybe John Stewart, and have the rest be aliens.


I think most people at least enjoyed the GL Corps parts of the Reynolds movie, so it’s a safe bet to assume they’ll go with the alien stuff.


Most people never saw it. I certainly didn’t.