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Good for him especially since he’s not the one rumored to be up for it.


I wonder if Edward Norton didn’t recast Hulk in the final analysis. I honestly can’t see him fitting into the Avengers.


His film was very early on in this project, made before anyone knew if it would work, before there was a house style for the Marvel films (and, of course, pre-Disney). That Hulk movie was not radically different from the rest of the MCU style but it still seems like an oddity these days and no doubt Norton tried to imprint it with his own artistic vision. Ironically, there’s a chance that the way in which he went about conveying that, which apparently irritated a bunch of people, may well have convinced Marvel to impose house rules above all else. Still hoping they loosen up on that for Phase Fantastic Four.


I think in rushing into a team film they have but they’ve also been reacting to themselves.

Superman Returns got the complaints that Superman never punched anyone, so the second half of Man of Steel is all punching. People complained about that and his disregard for safety so they make a film reacting to that. People complain that one is too serious so they bring in Whedon to add jokes to the next one. I don’t know what’s next, maybe a 4 hour movie because some people complained JL was too short. :smile:



So true, and the biggest indication of why movies screw up. There are no objective benchmarks for creative filmmaking - other than box office. The rest is all opinion and power games. These days it’s hard to get a consensus from two people, let alone the 15,000 or so who work on a major film. It’s no more than application of the adage “Too many cooks spoil the broth”.


DC should just make a few movies about characters no one knows. Booster Gold, Plastic Man, The Creeper, Lobo and L.E.G.I.O.N. Ambush “friggin” Bug.

Sure, a few losers will complain, but who cares? They aren’t icons.


That was Suicide Squad, and it mostly worked, commercially at least.


Yeah. SS proved you could do damn near anything with peripheral characters and make money from it.


Further up thread, I pondered if a live-action Metamorpho movie could work.


Lobo and L.E.G.I.O.N would be awesome, just no way unless there’s a plan for LoSH (and Brainiac would have to be introduced in Superman first).
But I hope all the above happens.

Plastic Man? Creeper? Sounds like a place to keep Snyder in the fold…


There’s no way you could make an Ambush Bug movie and have it work.
Unless it was like the scene in the home release of Gremlins 2 where John Wayne shoots all the Gremlins in classic movies.

I think…that’s the only way it could work.


A Lobo movie has been in development for a long time. At one point Guy Ritchie was attached. The Rock was also set to play Lobo before he took the Black Adam part instead.


Hell, no! I want the Creeper in Gotham. Jack Ryder, gung-ho tabloid reporter, the Knave of Sleaze. Podcasting! Blogging! On late-night AM radio!


I’d heard about Viggo Mortensen was in the running for the Lobo role some years ago, and he was very interested.


The perfect person to play Lobo already has:


I think Bobby Cannavale could play a good Lobo.


I’ve always thought most of the old standard fan ideas for Lobo have a bit to much “wink” in them. But Cannavale…that would work.


A pro wrestler would be the most obvious choice. Lately, it does seem like the sport is producing better actors as well.

However, considering how WB really seems to make the worst choices with its DC characters, I imagine they’d choose this version of the character and cast the next Robert Pattinson look-alike* in the role.

*(or one of the hundred or so Skaarsgard brothers)


Really the Rock is silly to pick Black Adam over Lobo. With the makeup and sci fi setting he could be Lobo until he’s 60, and with the success of harder superhero movies he could be looking at a Deadpool level franchise that prints money. The guys just not great with picking his movie projects.