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I mean, he has the facial structure and the lanky physique.


True he is lanky and has the right face structure for the part.


Yeah, I think he’d make a great Joker. The Doctor is a bit of a similar character in some ways, anyway.


I’m sure Smith could do okay, in the part, but I’m just sayin. Looking the part’s the easy bit, it’s the behavior that clinches it.


That is true he would have to make the part his own but I think he could do it he would have to practice a creepy joker laugh.


Like Christian says though, there’s plenty of crossover with Smith’s manic, crazy, unpredictable take on the Doctor.


Ok so matt smith for the joker I think Neal Addams made a good suggestion ,I agree with him how about jim parsons for The Riddler?


I’ve said nothing to disparage Smith or his talents, only commenting on his “looking” the part :wink: I certainly agree that playing the doctor is probably one of the best ways to train for playing any manic plotting character!





Oh, I didn’t take anything you said as disparaging. I agree that pretty much anyone can look like a good pick for the Joker if you slap the right makeup or photoshop job on them.

Well, almost anyone.


I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mr. Bean would be an amazing Joker.



Yeah I think Jim would be a great Riddler


OK, great minds really must think alike, because I’ve been saying Jim Parsons as the Riddler for a while now.


Awesome JR that we thought the same thing ,we both think he would make a fantastic Riddler.


If Parsons did play the Riddler, they should do the character as a serial killer (ala Zodiac, or John Doe from Seven).

I’d like to see Parsons play against type and portray the Riddler as calculating, ruthless, savage evil.




Of course he’s wrong, but that won’t stop the clickbait headlines.