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As for round and round…

Thing is, I’ve seen threads start good, then run off on a tangent, and get stuck on a few nerdy points…

Then a mod comes in and says this thread is going in circles, pretty much tells everyone to get a life and move on and announce the thread is closed.

My point from this observation is for all to contribute and keep the discussion in a straight line going somewhere…

Carry on.


What, you mean like what you just did? :rofl:


Al-X weighs in…


Media doesn’t form the mind. The mind forms the media it consumes. Maybe there’s a window pre puberty where minds can be influenced, but I think most of your traits are already baked by then. Hell I can see traits in kids as young as 2.

Which is to say if a certain author influenced your life, it’s because you were inclined to align with that writer. It’s amazing how few people actually change over the course of their lives. Stands to reason though as most people think they’re right.



An interesting addition to something we discussed earlier.


gnaws off hand





Needs some moustache


And judging by that photo, maybe a laxative, too.



That looks like it’s made from acid, caffeine, and awesome.


What we really need is a teenage mutant ninja batman series.


That Batman anime looks incredible.


That’s from the Batman/ TMNT mini-series, which, I believe I have mentioned previously, is f*cking awesome.


Neal Adams thought Matt smith would be a good fit for the joker what do you think?




Kinda looks the part.


Well, when you paint a person’s face white and add sloppy lipstick…