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Did you watch the clip Lorcan posted? It makes a lot of interesting point about Transformers, especially about the gender portrayals and how charged it is with weird sexual imagery.


The problem is that in general, people don’t get positive external motivation from so-called idealised physiques, especially as the ones shown in magazines and movies aren’t even healthy human body types.


Ellis has a whole video just about Megan Fox’s portrayal and treatment in the movies.


Were you sexually stimulated watching Transformers? Or Justice League?

Is there a relationship? The casting couch is not anything new. It didn’t just start happening today. And it is nothing new for women to build their careers on being sexy.


Sexualisation and sexual stimulation are not the same thing.


Just as sexualization and objectification are not the same thing. Neither is inherently bad, either.

Again, it is the idea that our entertainment determines our real life behavior when the opposite is regularly the case. Entertainment reflects society and often expresses what society represses.

Punching and killing people in real life is unacceptable, but it’s okay for James Bond. You’re going to see a lot in popular movies and television that would not be okay in real life, but those are not instruction manuals for life. They are fantasies that release the repressions that we need to live a real life.


That’s still not fat shaming. Any inadequacies felt watching superhero movies is purely on the viewer.


And it’s worth noting that feminist critics don’t ever say that - the issue is more when there is no substance behind them. Like, say the female characters in Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, or when you can compare the depiction of specific characters in different stories, such as Wonder Woman and the Amazons between her own movie and Justice League

I was talking about the greater issues of pressure on people to have unrealistic and idealised bodies in modern society, of which fat shaming is a part

To claim that is to ignore the massive level of pressure people are put under by popular culture.


We all know Lorcan well enough to know the answer to that question.


Hot Rod was a sexual awakening for me in 1985


That’s pressure they put on themselves.


There’s a lot of psychological literature which disagrees with that assessment.


I always figured you as a Starscream kinda guy.


I’d never muscle in on Mark’s patch like that!



And hairy-chested Henry Cavill. It could be that while Gadot is certainly pretty and cute, she’s not classically sexy.

This has all been interesting, gang.

Not to poke, but you’re affording people more excuses in this area than you usually do when it comes to employment and upskilling.


There’s upskilling and there’s being Captain America. There’s degrees to everything Andrew.


I hope they don’t scrap the Deathstroke movie. With them hiring the raid director, the action is gonna be good which would be a big part for the movie. Plus, they can tap the stars from the raid to do fight choreography. :smile:


We can’t all be @Will. :wink:


Between ideological structures as expressed in a culture’s art or entertainment and actions that take place within the framework of said culture? I would assume so, yes.

The casting couch is not anything new. It didn’t just start happening today.

  1. When was anyone talking about anything new here? The idea of sexual objectification goes back all the way to Kant. All the weirder when people claim it doesn’t happen.

  2. I hope you’re not equating the “casting couch” with rape and sexual molestation, which is what I was referring to.