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I have no proof of this, but I have spent enough time in the gym and around athletes to know that to get the kind of results that a lot of our super-hero favorites are getting in such a short period of time can be traced to…less than natural supplements.


Yeah. I’ve see that too. There’s a lot of it around. But, I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Kinda destroys the suspension of disbelief if you can’t trust your superheroes to do it the right way, no? :wink:


The guy the DC actors work with is pretty well known for this stuff. I can’t remember his name off that top of my head but @Will would. So I don’t think they are juicing to get there.

I spoke with my wife, who went to see the film with me, about the perceived sexualization of Gal Gadot from her solo film to this film. She said she didn’t see it and surprised me further saying she thought Jason Momoa was probably the actor most sexualized in the film.


If I remember Cavill’s interview correctly it’s Gym Jones (although I delegated the personal training on that occasion).


It’s Jason Momoa, so…yeah.


Ya. That’s it.

Evidently, I was mistaken. Gym Jones is a thing not a person. :wink:


The specific trainer is there.


Gym Jones do great work, but if one of their trainers offers you Kool-Aid, politely decline.


Mark Twight, formerly of Gym Jones. Not sure if GJ is still doing it or if Twight is himself.


The superhero genre, in movies as well as comics, just has a large erotic factor. There is a tad of eroticizing the male characters but it is mostly the females who get that treatment. I don’t really mind…maybe if women would flock to Man of Steel, he would fly around shirtless in a thong.


Putting in hard work with the right trainer and a great diet can make you look like that. It’s not unheard of for actors and professional athletes to hire the right folks to get them on the right track.

Besides, PEDs only work if you do the work. You can’t just inject D-bol and look awesome.


I just read that they chose the name on purpose because they knew people would call them a cult.

There’s a scene in Doug TenNapel’s comic Creature Tech where the main character is at a church picnic (oddly labeled with a banner from the small denomination that I grew up in) and presented with Kool Aid. To which he says that he always feels odd drinking Kool Aid at a church function.

Thanks, Will.





I think it’s fair to say that Snyder tends to show sexualised and perfected bodies of both sexes in his movies. That’s been a trend in general, obviously, in superhero movies, but I think it’s a trend that may have more or less started or at least been sped along quite a bit with Snyder. I mean, he’s the guy who made this movie:

There may, however, still be a difference in how the bodies of males and females are presented in the kinds of movies that present both sexes in overly physical ways. The hypothesis would be that if you think a “male” gaze is assumed*, that the men’s bodies are presented in ways that represent male wish-fulfillment about their own bodies while women’s bodies are represented as sexual objects.

It would kind of fit that hypothesis if Superman’s kind-of-naked upper body is shown at a normal angle, the way you would look into a mirror, while Wonder Woman’s body is often shown from a low angle and butt first.

That’s just an assumption from what’s been said here, mind you - I haven’t seen WW or JL yet, so I’ll have to wait and see whether there’s anything to this. It’ll be an interesting aspect to keep in mind while watching though.

*Obviously, this concept in itself is problematic as it makes the assumption that our ways of viewing women and men sexually are primarily influenced by our own gender, which in itself is a preconception. But, it’s a pragmatic construct here that may have some value.


I know credibility and Reddit don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, but this looks legit:


I want to buy the MoS soundtrack. Which version - regular, or two disc “deluxe”? Recommendations?


I have this one on vinyl and really like it.


That’s easy. Go for the deluxe.
The first track on the second disc is Zimmer’s sketchbook, which is a great 28-minute piece which features all of the major motifs and themes from the movie. It makes for some seriously good uninterrupted listening.
It also features Earth and Arcade, which are two of my favourite individual tracks.
It really is no contest.



Sex sells

Most men like looking at women, most women like looking at men, some men like looking at men, some women like looking at women, and some of us just like looking at both.

It’s a natural instinct that we are born with that is tied to our desires which ultimately encourage us to reproduce, which is ultimately the point of life.

As long as the actors are ok with putting themselves out there I don’t understand why anyone else has problem with it. And if people took the blinkers off they will see that both men and women are sexualised it’s nowhere near as one sided as some folk would make out. Just stick the tv on and watch for a few hours and count it up.

If you’re a straight guy and you don’t won’t to watch 2 hours of Megan Fox bending over them there’s something wrong with you, it’s probably the only thing that made Transformers bearable.

This is just another example of the internet being used for some insecure people to force their own insecurities onto everyone else.

If sitting there watching these ripped actors for two hours is making me self conscious enough to get off my ass and do something about my man tits that’s great, because it will probably do my health the world of good.