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Statistically speaking, it’s still the safest way to travel.


Hold on. Why’s he in it? Superman is dead after all.


You’ve seen the trailers, press junkets and the like, haven’t you?


Heh, yeah, I’ve read most of the stuff that’s come out about it. I’m just taking the piss.

Serious question though, have any of the official posters/trailers/promo stuff actually come out and outright said Superman is coming back from the dead?


Zod was dead and he turned up, shirtless, in ‘Batman vs Superman’.


With flippers for hands!


Not sure. Honestly didn’t mean to spoil anything. It just seemed odd to get up in arms of how WW was portrayed when Cavill was not just shot the way he was but probably had an entire work out routine and day or two of dehydration (and manscaping) just to look the way he did in a scene or two.


Don’t worry about it. You should be more concerned that I’ve not seen Bats vs Supes yet and that you’ve definitely spoiled the fact Superman does in that! :angry:



I’m sure you’re aware of several thousand years of sexual politics though Ronny.

The issue of “The Male Gaze” isn’t going to stop being an issue just because one English actor gets his pecs out for the ladies.


Was he introduced with a shot of his ass? Were there plenty of close up shots of his pecs before panning up to his face? Just because someone good looking has their shirt off doesn’t mean they’re being sexualized to detrimental to their character.


It was a pretty sexualized shot with his pants pulled down far enough to see his treasure trail with manscaping to emphasize certain bits. There’s nothing online yet but something similar to the image below.

I wonder if the shots where they’re claiming it focused on her breasts and panned up to her face were ones where they were focusing on her WW breastplate like they did Superman’s S and Batman’s bat.


The United States, of course, has a somewhat demented view of sex that may not translate the same way in the rest of the world, though. It seems like here any sexualization is considered objectification.

However, one thing Wonder Woman certainly should be is not a sex object. Instead - and I think Gadot represents quite well - she should be a sex symbol. That is also a part of female power and strength.


Too much T&A? Horsehit.


Case closed.


I spend such a lot of my free time working out, that when I see the shape these actors are in, I can’t help but admire the effort they must have put in to look like that. Before I started training, like everyone else, I used to think “Hah, if I had millions in the bank, I could afford to spend time on a personal trainer and make myself look like that too”. Now, I know it takes weeks, if not months, of commitment. To your diet, to your fitness regime, to your abstinence. You can’t sustain this for any length of time. It would drive you mad. Knowing that kind of takes the sexiness off, whilst the admiration grows.


I dunno. I think there was a fair enough balance. Superman wasn’t even wearing any pants. Also, there were a couple of moments when I could see right up his nose!

I’m also fairly certain Wonder Woman had just disembarked from a Michael Bay motorcycle in a couple of scenes (invisible, naturally). :disappointed:


Butt, of course.


Sorry :blush:


Don’t be so cheeky.


I’m having trouble getting behind the whole thing.


Me too. It was a bit of a bum note. A bit out of tune, especially noticeable following the camerawork in Wonder Woman. I’m surprised more here didn’t notice. Maybe some were distracted.

A pity as there was a lot of attention to detail as regards the apparel of Lois: all sky-blue, crop-green, Earth-tones - right down to her shoes. I liked her shoes. She was like a tree to provide Clark a shade.