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The consensus is that this blind item is about Gal Gadot.


So they’re blaming the actress for how someone else photographs her?

Gal Gadot didn’t direct Justice League, or Wonder Woman.


I didn’t read it that anyone was blaming Gadot directly for how she was photographed.


I’m talking about the link and Vikram’s story about his sister, which is what Todd was replying to.


I’ve heard rumours that Gal Gadot once cut in line at the post office…What a bitch.


Yes, me too.

Edit: sorry, that reads as more terse than I meant it to. I just meant that I didn’t get that impression from any of the conversation so far. Feeling that Gadot is objectified in her movies and not wanting to sit through that still doesn’t imply that the fault lies with the actress.


Yeah I liked Justice League but felt weird about how much time I spent looking at Gadot’s butt, no offense to her butt which is perfectly nice. It’s not my intent to make this into a Marvel/DC thing so much as a “society” thing but I feel the same way with how Scarlett Johannson is filmed in the Marvel movies too. And obviously many have had issues with Mystique in the X-films, including the actresses who play her.

As a comic book fan I didn’t think too much of it because that’s par for the course with comics (which doesn’t make it right). For others it may be off-putting though. And it’s unnecessary—the films are fine on their own and don’t need the fan-service for anyone to enjoy them.


When she goes to the store and uses the 15 items or less line, she consistently has 16 items.




This is the first I’ve been aware something like this. I felt that they were very careful not to sexualise her in WW. I think there would have been a big issue if they did.


I agree. Haven’t seen Justice League yet but it was notable in WW that it really wasn’t filmed under the ‘male gaze’ by using a female director. When she climbs the ladder to enter no man’s land it notably cuts before reaching her derriere.

On the other hand she is a very beautiful woman in a fairly skimpy outfit. To a degree an impossible task for her not to be viewed sexually by many. Even if I as a straight man tried to direct Chris Hemsworth I doubt I’d be able to stop some audience members swooning at him.


Damn. I didn’t notice any of that in Justice League. If it made Wonder Woman into a motherly figure, it made Batman into a fatherly figure. The shots of Henry Cavill shirtless were much more sexual than anything I noticed with Gal Gadot.


Right. I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who didn’t notice anything.

The only thing that caught my eye was this rather crude gag between her and Flash, but nothing more than that.


Some of the women on my Facebook feed aren’t happy how Wonder Woman and the Amazons were shot in JL. It was a too T&A for them compared to what they saw in WW.


Did they complain bout the men too?


I saw Thor: Ragnarok last week and felt the same about Hemsworth. The film had some beautiful actresses in it but I never felt like they were shot or costumed in an objectifying way. Whereas there’s a scene of Hemsworth walking around shirtless for around a minute that seems to have been included solely to give people a good look at his body. :slight_smile:

It didn’t bother or offend me though. For the women I know who like Thor, a part of their enjoyment is that Hemsworth is such an attractive man.

And that’s true to an extent with all of these movies: we enjoy seeing attractive, charismatic people saving the world, and I don’t think we need to pretend that the attractive actors involved aren’t part of that.

I do think it’s a particularly sensitive issue for Wonder Woman though. Taking a character who is meant to be the embodiment of female power and strength in all its forms and reducing her to a sex object risks undermining the character and sending the wrong message. The Wonder Woman movie was careful to avoid that.


I agree, Dave, but it’s pretty crazy to suggest that WW was reduced to a sex object if you’ve seen the film. I know we’re not exactly a representative example, but no one here thought that had happened, so where is this coming from? Haters gonna hate.


Of course not. :laughing:

I went to see JL with the wife & daughter. Neither had any problem with WW’s portrayal either, to be fair, but they’re still discussing who looks best without their shirt on!


Oh yeah, I’m not commenting on Justice League at all as I haven’t seen it. Just saying I can understand why WW is such a sensitive case.