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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Way to make Kiel feel like a shit! :wink:


Well if the blond shoe fits…


Yeah, I knew about that. I’m not just talking about the last year. I’m talking about what appears to be the last ten years of his life. Looks like it’s been quite a rollercoaster…


He certainly found it difficult to find work after years of being an asshole resulted in no one wanting to hire him other than low budget indies desperate for a ‘name’ to help sell their film.


I wonder if DC would be interested in doing something of a soft reboot of their franchise. Instead of focusing on their big names, maybe it would be good to go smaller for a bit.

The thing about the engine of superhero movies is that it’s usually driven by building up from success no matter where you find it. A lot of more obscure character hits set the momentum for what followed. Blade kickstarted the current wave of superhero films, but after that Iron Man has to be the best example. Then the somewhat unexpected size of the success of Ant-Man and Guardians sent Marvel in another direction.

With Warner Brothers, Wonder Woman has so far been their only unequivocal hit critically and financially. It exceeded expectations. Unfortunately, Justice League was already barreling ahead so there was no time really to take advantage of what Wonder Woman did.

However, I think the next new DC film (not a sequel) could be very good if they used what Wonder Woman gave them. For me, I think the New Gods or Scott Free Mr Miracle movie would be a good idea. Like Iron Man, he’s not a character people are generally familiar with and he would be a fresh face in the series. Also, Wonder Woman set up the idea that the “Old Gods” died in a war with Ares, so it’s already laid the groundwork for the New Gods to start popping up in our world to take their place.

A while back, WB Animation had plans for a New Gods feature with Scott Free and Orion in the lead roles and the script I read was quite good. Also, Mike Mignola did the character designs.

I think with some modifications it would be a good script to fit into the Wonder Woman universe and give Warner Brothers a chance to break out of this icon driven juggernaut approach to their movies.


The Old Gods were the Norse Gods, but that’s me being a nitpicker.

I think that the the easiest way to get New Gods to film would be to start with the Forever People.
With Joe Keery from Stranger Things as Mark Moonrider. Some teenage shenanigans with Desaad as the villain to really raise up the stakes.


Perhaps one reason Liam Sharp has been busy writing (!!! he dare trespass !!!) and drawing Brave & Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman.

Against or with some Irish gods. He just was allowed to release this yesterday.


I like that too. I think it would be interesting to see them break away from what they are doing or from what anyone else is doing but still keeping the heat from Wonder Woman. That kind of combination of fantasy and science fiction pulp.

The explanation of “gods” in the DC movie verse is still pretty open. I think there is a lot of opportunity there because, obviously, they are not the same “ancient aliens” like in Thor.


I think they should just out and out play their hand with the Source being “God-God” and the entire thing having very Judaic roots.
Otherwise…why even use the New Gods?

Also, I just realized…the Greek Gods being the Old Gods thing doesn’t work since, well, their planet exploded to create New Genesis and Apokolips.


They wouldn’t have to stick to the comic’s mythology - and honestly, is Steppenwolf a god in Justice League? However, I see it as the death of the old Greek Gods opens a space for these younger gods and draws them to distant Earth.


Which makes no sense because then you have to make Earth more important than it should be, especially since they already have their own homeworlds. The New Gods have a great mythology, shouldn’t have to make concessions for it to tie it to another mythos.

And Steppenwolf was a god in the original Saga as well, but that didn’t stop Izaya the Inheritor from bashing his brains in.


Earth is already extraordinarily important in the DCU. The Last Kryptonian and a Green Lantern came from this little planet and it has twice defeated an invasion from Apokalips without any surviving Gods to fight them off. After this time, Earth should be intriguing for the New Gods.

Like the way in Marvel, the Earth beat Thanos, Dormammu and Galactus which is something none of The incredibly advanced worlds have been able to do.


Yes, so making it a score to settle. But to take the place of the Old Gods?

They live next to The Source. That should trump Greek Gods.


True, that would be better. They are intrigued and that draws them in. I still think the existence of “gods” in the DCU is right now pretty vague, but opens up a lot of cosmic possibilities. And Mr Miracle is a sort of fun , “trickster” character to explore that in a generally entertaining way with somber serious Orion as his straight man.


And with the Forever People, if one used them first, it’s a way to ease the waters into the crazier concepts.




Went round to my parents to pick up the kids earlier, and mentioned to my mum that she should go see JL. It wasn’t a total non- sequitur; my mum has just mentioned enjoying Thor: Ragnarok. My sister, without missing a beat, said something derogatory about having to stare at Wonder Woman’s ass.

I mean. Is that even a thing? Gadot’s ass looks lovely in it, but neither WW nor JL made her a particularly sexual character. So, I was surprised at the hostility. Is there a whole anti- Gadot movement out there that I’ve somehow managed to stay completely oblivious to?


I saw this article about the difference in the way Gadot is filmed in WW vs JL:

Generally speaking, Diana is great. She’s the most compassionate and thoughtful hero in a group that includes Jason Momoa’s whisky-swilling Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s quippy Flash, Ray Fisher’s cerebral Cyborg, Henry Cavill’s brawny Superman, and Ben Affleck’s brooding Batman. Unfortunately, Snyder’s camera doesn’t love Diana the same way her audience does. We appreciate her physical power as an extension of her mental strength — elements that Jenkins beautifully intertwined in Wonder Woman. But Snyder isn’t so much concerned with her brain as he is with her body.

Almost every time Gadot appears on screen in Justice League, she’s introduced butt or chest first, and often filmed at low angles from behind. The camera doesn’t love her; it leers at her, and it invites the audience to do the same. Part of what made Wonder Woman so impactful was the way Jenkins shot Gadot and the other Amazon warriors. They were a diverse array of powerful women, and Jenkins never shied away or tried to soften what some male directors might perceive as flaws: Wrinkles, weathered skin, bodies that have been truly lived in. There is a moment when Diana’s thigh jiggled on that massive theater screen and it was rapturous because it was so real.

Beyond the physical objectification, Snyder reduces Diana to a motherly figure. She becomes the indulgence of the outmoded desire for a woman to be both madonna and whore. A typical scene might begin with the camera leering at her rear and end with her proudly beaming at Cyborg for being such a good robot boy; a sequence that starts by lingering on her breastplate concludes with her tsk-tsking her super-pals for behaving like a bunch of children.


Interesting. I totally didn’t notice anything like that in the film; that I didn’t just put down to stylistic differences between Snyder’s and Jenkins’ directing. Weird.