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Saved y’all a click.





Didn’t Nolan consider him too?


Yup. From 2003:


God, could you imagine the Dark Knight trilogy with Joshua Jackson?


Truly ours is the darkest timeline.



Josh Hartnett was approached too;


I like Hartnett. Got a soft spot for 30 Days of Night. Sure. With darker hair. No more blonde Batmans!


Have you seen some other batman films I’ve never heard of?


You’ve never seen Batman Forever?



In what world is this blond?


It was rather blonde… just not on that low ress pic =P


That’s… not blond. This is blond:


I could get behind that. As much as I like Affleck in the role this would work.


no, that’s beyond blond… that’s white :smile:


I’ll admit I’m a pretty extreme case! But still, light brown just ain’t blond.

I just clicked through a bunch of val kilmer images on google search, and two conclusions come up: His hair has been wildly different in color at different times, and I could maybe roll with the “dirty blond” label at some points, but never fully blond, and still usually brunette. Conclusion 2: Holy Hell Val Kilmer has been looking rough over the last several years.

As for Gyllenhaal, I don’t really see it, but I’m a fan of the actor, and if the casting director is convinced I’ll be along for the ride. They’d have to do more work artificially creating a Batman voice for him and his pipsqueak voice over any other actor yet, though! Personally I think he would be a better fit for some of the classic villains, especially Joker/the Riddler.


Okja made me think he’d be a real cool Desaad.


He had cancer and I believe had to have part of his tongue removed.