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You’re becoming such a good kid! :laughing:




Oh fuck off, Affleck! You’ve got a blockbuster movie opening in less than two weeks time and you just can’t stop regurgitating your “I’m not sure I’m going to stay” nonsense. It’s hurting the movie. It’s hurting the fanbase. It’s hurting the studio.

I don’t want you to stay anymore. Prat.


All of a sudden the Batman movie budget has a lot more spare cash.


I think the idea of playing Batman is probably cooler than actually having to put on the costume and do it. It’s odd seeing him doing press for Justice League. He dosent look like a very happy man at all.


And his look in the reshoots look uncomfortable.


To be fair, he has a lot of personal stuff going on, and shooting a big movie leaves you with little time to focus on them. I can sympathise.


He’s got a huge amount of personal stuff and this kind of job must be all consuming. No wonder he’s considering dropping out. Poor guy must be a wreck.


He might also not have 100% say in whether he will be in the next Batman film outing. I get the feeling that there is a lot riding on Justice League. I’ve loved him as Batman. He’s probably my favorite so far. So I hope he stays.


Sounds about what I was expecting. Not great, but it’s fun and an improvement on BvS.



What busts me up is people keep asking, of all people, Affleck. Let me let everyone in on a secret: Affleck has no clue. It’s talks, preps, pays and most of all schedule.

I just want to see Oliver put his eye out with an arrow.

(That sounded just a tad bloodthirsty, did it not?)


Batman probably is Deathstroke in the DC movieverse. I mean, they’ve got most of the rest of it wrong, so…


ummm …

i’d watch that






You can sympathize with cheating on your wife, having business associates get caught for sexual harassment, and getting millions of $ to put on an uncomfortable suit once in a while? You have such a tough life too. my sympathies :stuck_out_tongue: